Five TV Remotes You Didn’t Know Existed

Tv remote replacement

Did you know that the very first TV remote controls were invented in the year 1950? This remote, know as the “Lazy Bones,” was attached to the television set with a cord and was able to operate TV functions through a set of buttons. While these TV remote controls were groundbreaking for the time, people today would scoff at a such a contraption. TV remote controls, DVD remote controls and virtually all other remote controls are now wireless and easily programmable. Many different types of remotes are available today to suit a wide variety of interests. Take the following TV remote controls, for example, which may sound bizarre, but do in fact exist:

  1. The Pillow Remote – This remote does more than just change channels — it doubles as a couch pillow! The pillow remote is a fully functioning, pre-preprogrammed universal remote control. It’s hard to lose this remote since it’s too big to fit between the couch cushions, so television watchers are less likely to need replacement remotes for TVs. After finding the right channel, the pillow remote can be used as a comfy cushion to rest your head.
  2. The Magic Wand Remote – These TV remote controls are ideal for Harry Potter fans. The magic wand remote can be programmed to associate 13 different gestures with related TV remote codes. For example, flicking the wrist up or down can be programmed to increase or decrease the volume.
  3. The Watch Remote – The watch remote packs a wristwatch and TV remote control into one convenient package. This remote can control almost any home entertainment device by simply entering a specified three digit code for the desired technology. As long as it’s kept on the wrist, it’s hard to lose this niftily little remote.
  4. The Buttonless Remote – This small, mouse-shaped remote allows TV watchers to manage their television without pressing a single button. The gesture remote uses touch-screen technology to recognize movements of the fingers and hand to change channels, volume and inputs.
  5. The Bottle Opener Remote – While this one doesn’t necessarily look strange or different than your average remote, it serves one very special function — it can open glass bottles. With the bottle opener remote, TV watchers can watch their favorite shows, movies or games without having to get up to grab a bottle opener to enjoy their favorite bottled beverage.

TV remotes certainly have come a long way, and now there is something to match everyone’s unique tastes. Check out this website for more.

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