6 Fun Facts About Quilting to Sew Into Your Brain

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Quilting as a craft and an art form is ever-evolving. From the classic piece on the end of your bed to the custom memory quilt designed for a loved one, quilters are creatively innovating while still holding on to tradition. While you are exploring and mastering the art of handmade quilts, here are some fun facts that old fashioned quilters and t-shirt quilt makers alike can enjoy y.

  1. The word ‘quilt’ is really old: Origins of the word “quilt” go back to around 1250, according to dictionary.com. Forming out of the Latin word “culcita,” which means “mattress,” the word became “quilte” in Middle English.
  2. The technique is even older: Historians believe that people were quilting in ancient Egypt and China. These crafty citizens were sewing together three layers of fabric. The purpose of this layering was for the outer layers to keep the middle layer in place.
  3. A memorial quilt is the largest in the world: Those in a cozy mood be warned: the largest quilt ever might just squash you. The record for the world’s largest quilt is held by the AIDS Memorial quilt, weighing in at around 54 tons. This project also happens to be the largest ongoing community arts project in the world.
  4. Quilting is kind of a big deal: According to a 2014 study by Quilting in America, there are more than 16 million quilters in the United States. The economic punch of these crafty comrades has created a $3.7 billion dollar industry, according to the same study.
  5. Quilters don’t mess around: The Quilting in America survey also explored the demographics of who they call “Dedicated Quilters,” making up just over 12% of quilting households. They found that the Dedicated Quilter owns an average of $13,000 worth of quilting supplies and $6,000 worth of fabric, which most store in a dedicated sewing space.

  6. Dedicated Quilters vary in their tastes:
  7. These serious custom quilt makers are not uniform in their preferences. The survey found that 81% of dedicated quilters are also dedicated to traditional methods. Among the quilters surveyed, 38% said they enjoy art quilted, and 35% are on board with modern styles.

Whether you are a modern quilter crafting a custom memory quilt and custom t-shirt quilt, or a traditionalist practicing time-old patterns, be sure to share these fun facts with your quilting community!

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