Top Five Most Difficult Things to Move to a New Home

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Moving to a new place is never an easy task, yet it’s something that happens everyday, all around the world. Each year, about 33% of renters move and about 1 in four U.S. adults have reported to have moved somewhere else in the country within the last five years. And whether you’re moving into a nice, new apartment or have finally found your dream home, getting some things in the back of the moving truck can make you want to tear your hair out

  1. Fragile Items: Whether they be beloved family heirlooms or simply the plates and bowels you use everyday, moving something easily breakable can always be nail-biting. You find yourself constantly wondering if that pothole the moving company drove over rattled the china too much, or if your grip will slip when taking a box of glassware from one of the local movers. It’s important to properly package fragile items with impact-resistance wrapping and stow them in a box marked ‘Fragile’ to ensure they get to your new home safely.
  2. Large Furniture: Though not typically easily breakable, the awkward and clumsy nature of large furniture items can usually cause a few headache. Not to mention the weight can really be taxing for moving services. Piano’s, for example, are heavy because of it’s cast iron harp, making it range vastly from anywhere to 300 to 800 pounds. And most people don’t want to take the time to dismantle things like pianos or tables. Some they simply can’t take about, like sofas or loveseats. Remove what you can for local movers, like cushions and drawers to lower the weight and wrap any legs or handles with bubble wrap. It’ll be easier on you and the moving companies.
  3. Children and Pets: Perhaps one of the hardest things to contend with moving is your children and your pets. The new scenarios and environments can cause confusion and stress for both. It is important to continually check up on them, and make sure they are as comfortable and happy as possible.
  4. Art:The decorations that have long since made your home your own can be exceedingly difficult to move. Paintings can be ripped, statuettes broken and photographs lost. Be sure to provide plenty of padding for local movers for any delicate art pieces you might fear will become damaged during the move, especially around glass and wood.
  5. Your Own Memories: Not exactly a material item that requires a sturdy truck, moving from one place to another can be a startling change to the feelings and memories you have associated to the place you once lived. You might feel attached to your old house, because you believe it to be the source of your precious memories. In fact, your memories will be with you when you go, always in your mind and in your heart, no matter which home you live in. Take a breath, start the car, and go to your next home.

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