A Healthy Lawn Is The Gift That Keeps On Giving How To Reap The Benefits In 2018

Spring is in the air and summer is right around the corner. How is your lawn faring?

A responsible homeowner shouldn’t just sit around and wait for their lawn to right itself when the weather turns agreeable. Landscaping is an ongoing action that benefits not just you, not just the beauty of your home, but your neighbors and the surrounding environment. A little upkeep can see your ROI improving and your air quality clearing out. That’s even before we get into the mental health benefits that follow hot on the heels of a new hobby. In a short? Everyone wins.

Here’s what you should know about simple organic lawn care methods.

A Healthy Lawn Can Boost Your ROI

Plan on selling in the next few years? Then learning lawn care now will pay off mightily later. Landscaping has been found to improve a home’s ROI by as much as 15%, with lawn care high on the list for its visibility and polish. A recent survey found nearly 70% of American homeowners admitting their lawn could use some improvement, but they aren’t sure where or how to start. Over the past year 90% of American homeowners also had their landscaping project impact their lawn in one way or another.

Use Organic Lawn Care Methods Instead

You might have heard about the benefits of organic lawn care methods. How they’re not just healthier for the environment, but they make your lawn appear fuller and happier. Is it true? Look no further than some recent statistics. Around 30% of American homeowners admit they don’t know how to grow a healthy lawn. Today’s harsh chemicals can actually backfire and make things worse, killing vital earthworms and creating toxic runoff that affects local wildlife. Seek out organic treatments alongside a little common sense to gain the full benefit of a happy lawn.

Plant A Tree Or Some Shrubbery To Compliment Your Lawn

Landscape design does better when you don’t put all your eggs in one basket. When you pick up better lawn care it’s highly recommended by real estate professionals you plant a tree or install a shrubbery or two. This is one of the easiest ways of reducing CO2 in the air, with a single tree able to absorb nearly 50 pounds of CO2 in a single year. That’s on top of other contaminants like pollen, dander and dust. A single large tree placed in your yard can also reduce strain on your air conditioners.

Learn When And When Not To Water Your Lawn

Watering your lawn is practically an art form in of itself. It’s estimated one out of three Americans are unsure how often to water their lawn and it’s this tiny difference that can mean a thriving, lush front yard and a yard full of yellow spots. Most landscaping professionals agree that you should water your lawn in the morning so it gets the full benefit of both water and sun throughout the day. Try not to mow your grass too short, either, and make sure not to walk on your lawn when it’s cold so you don’t break the brittle stems.

Reap The Benefits Of A Well-Maintained Lawn Year-Round

Landscaping companies are ever keen on providing homeowners the tools for maintaining a healthy lawn throughout the year. That’s because the benefits just keep on coming, whether you just want your home to appear more fresh or you’re trying to save money on air conditioning. Good lawn care services can clear up your air, reduce strain on your HVAC system and bolster your home’s ROI all in one fell swoop. Maintaining a few clever methods in the day-to-day can make sure you enjoy this no matter the weather or season change.

Good lawn care isn’t about having the most high tech tools or expensive chemicals. It’s about being clever, attentive and thinking green.

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