Moving With Ease

Moving can be quite the hassle. Between packing up all of your possessions, saying goodbye to your former residence, and getting all of your possessions to your new residence, moving can take a lot of time and can make for many headaches.

When moving day comes around, you’ll likely be very wound-up, worried over how the move will go, all the while ensuring that nothing gets left behind or damaged during transportation. You likely won’t be doing the move by yourself either, as your friends will be just a call away. You imagine your friends will be there for you during the time of a move — helping you pack, move boxes out of your apartment and moving them into your new place, but who’s to say that they’ll actually pick up the phone when you need them? Or, who’s to say that they will be of much help?

Rather than dealing with the worry of lassoing friends for an upcoming move, take the time to find yourself one of the best local moving companies. A moving company, a professional service company that aids in the transportation of possessions from one residence to another, can easily help you with a variety of moving services.

With nearly 35 million Americans moving every year, there is a lot of business to go around for moving companies. With more than 186,000 jobs being created by the moving industry since its conception, and with a yearly payroll of nearly $3.6 billion, professional movers provide excellent services to moving contractors with an exceptional degree of care, ensuring both you and your possessions are taken care of during the entire moving process.

Now, you might be wishing that you had some tips for hiring a moving company. Here are some of the basics when wading through moving companies:

  1. Seek out reviews and recommendations of local moving companies through friends, family, and the internet
  2. Once you are considering a few different companies, call them to schedule a walk-through and to get an estimate
  3. Look over your estimate: Check what they are charging you for and consider how much you’re willing to pay for a move
  4. Other than relying on reviews, be sure to check out the company you’re considering on hiring. That is, ensure that they are insured to move your property, see how long they’ve been in business for, check out them out on the Better Business Bureau, etc.. Ask yourself, “Does this company seem reliable and truthful?”
  5. Once you feel confident in your mover, consider finally contracting them.
  6. On the day of moving, ensure you have a master-list of all items to be moved, ensuring all of them arrive from your former location to your future destination.

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