Amish Furniture, Built To Last

Custom amish sheds

Who doesn’t like quality, handmade Amish wooden furniture? From chairs and tables to sheds, affordable prices and convenient rent to own programs are making it easier for customers across the country to get their hands on their own wooden furniture. What’s a rent to own program? It’s a popular program that is rapidly gaining popularity across the country because it allows people to rent things like custom sheds by making low monthly payments while the shed is one their property. After 24 to 36 months, the shed would be paid off completely. Often times, customers can order sheds in different colors to match the look of their homes. Additionally, most rent to own programs have no credit checks, no penalty for early payoff, and no month to month lease agreement.

But what makes Amish wooden furniture so great the people are willing to commit to rent to own programs just to own their own custom piece? It’s simple. Amish furniture is simply a cut above the rest. Ever since first gaining attention in the 1920s, everything from amish barns, amish gazebos, amish horse barns, and more have been highly sought after for their beauty and quality. All Amish furniture is 100% handcrafted using only five different types of wood, including oak, cherry, hickory, walnut, or maple, and the lifespan of Amish furniture is impressive, with sheds lasting between 15 to 20 years.

People buy Amish furniture because they want something that will stand up to the test of time and look beautiful. The fact that Amish furniture is also customizable is also an important factor as to why people tend to gravitate towards Amish furniture. In fact, in a recent consumer survey, 72.7% of the 2,000 people surveyed admitted that they want the design of their furniture to reflect their personality. Many also agreed that a lot can be said about a person based on the furniture they own and that they expect their furniture to last.

If you’re someone that is interested in placing an order for a piece of Amish wooden furniture, there are a few things to know. First, expect a wait time of 12 to 16 weeks if you order online. Why? It typically takes about eight weeks to build new or custom furniture. So what are you waiting for? Track down an Amish furniture builder today and order your very own custom piece for your home or yard.

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