Be Lazy! Schedule Your Donation for Pick-up

Veterans donations

Do you have a pile of old clothes in a closet at home you have been meaning to take to one of the charity organizations in your area? It is likely you do; Americans are responsible for approximately 4.7 billion pounds of clothing donations annually. There are all sorts of organizations that use donations, from helping former convicts get back on their feet to charities for wounded soldiers.

Some estimates claim Americans throw away or donate about 68 pounds of worn clothing each year. That’s quite an amount to toss away instead of giving to someone else. Many charities have a truck for donation pickup, making things much easier. You do not even need to be home, just leave the boxes or bags by the front door or curb before going to work.

There are many charitable organizations that specialize in helping a group of people with a specific need, such as charities for the blind or charities for wounded soldiers. They not only collect and distribute donations, but also use the profits to help their chosen group of needy people with what they might need. This may be job training, housing assistance, etc.

Some studies indicate that 70% of Americans like to make a donation to a charity at least once a year. For people who might be struggling financially themselves, making a donation of old clothing or a little used household appliance can help them feel good while doing good.

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