Buyer’s Guide What to Know Before You Visit Any Spa or Pool Companies

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On a hot summer day, there?s nothing better than a refreshing dip in your own pool. In 2016, roughly 19.8 million Americans enjoyed the convenience of having their own pool. If you are interested in purchasing a new pool for your home here are a few things you should know before you visit any pool companies.

In-Ground or Above Ground Pools

An in-ground pool, one that pool companies install directly in your yard, is a stylish and elegant addition to any home. They can be customized to fit your space and, when well designed, can add that extra touch to make your yard shine. While in-ground pools are extremely popular 41.7% of pools in the U.S. are above ground. Above ground pools, while often less aesthetically pleasing, offer a more economical option and can fit in smaller spaces.

Make Sure The Pool Fits Your Yard

When looking for a pool it is important to make sure it doesn?t take over your entire yard. Before you head to any retail pool companies measure your yard so you know what size pool to look for. Don?t forget to take into account the width of any patios, backyard grills, and patio furniture you might have.

Regular Swimming Pool Maintenance

Once you have found, and installed, your perfect swimming pool it is essential to maintain it properly. Sanitizing your pool is extremely important to a safe swimming experience. 85% of all pool owners use chlorine as a sanitizing agent. Maintaining the proper pH balance, between 7.4 and 7.6, is also important. During peak swimming season, it is generally recommended that pool owners have their pools cleaned once per week. Most pool companies can provide you with reputable pool cleaners, and many other tips for keeping your pool safe and functional for years to come.

What to Look For in a Hot Tub

Most pool companies also sell hot tubs. Whether it?s in addition to a swimming pool, or a standalone unit, a hot tub can be a great addition to your home. According to a Pool and Spa Marketing study, more that 7 million U.S. homes have hot tubs. Before you spend any money you should decide if you want things like adjustable jets and underwater lighting. You should also make sure the hot tub has proper insulation, an energy efficient water heater, and are well constructed.

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