Ahoy There! Dissatisfied With Your Home Decor? Try a Nautical Theme!

Life preserver wall decor

If you love the sea, you may be looking for nautical items or nautical home decor to bring the ocean to your home, no matter where you live. Nautical pirate decor can add a fun twist to a beach house or waterfront property and sure to be a big hit with kids. Over 100 million people live in coastal shoreline counties and may have nautical decorations as a part of their style, to reflect their environment. Nautical pirate decor can also be great for themed birthday parties or gifts for that nautical enthusiast friend. In some cases, brass nautical clocks or old weather instruments may be antiques and quite expensive, showcasing a sense of history or seafaring culture of the area. If you’re in the market for nautical decor, there are stores that specialize in nautical decor for homes, offices, ships, and other spaces in your life.

Decorate the Way You Want To!
Only about 20% of Americans feel happy about their home decor and almost 50% haven’t updated their home decor in the last five years. Some people feel that their homes need to look a certain way as a marker of status or point in their life. But if your home isn’t a place where you feel happy or relaxed and you don’t enjoy the decor, what’s the point? It’s your home and should be the space you feel the most comfortable.

If you’ve always loved the sea and nautically themed decorations, let your inner sailor or pirate out with nautical pirate decor. It can be tastefully done with brass clocks or instruments, a sweet nautical nursery for your baby, and seashells scattered artfully in your bathroom — or maybe you have a room in your house set aside for your nautical decor collection of buoys, mastheads, nets, and life preservers!

The Benefits of Redecorating

It’s no surprise that waves are often included on CD’s or streams for falling asleep or for relaxing. The crash of the waves is a soothing and repetitive noise — perhaps why many people associate the water with unwinding and kicking back. Bring some of that into your home with nautical decor. Choose soft blues, greens, and creams to evoke the sense of being by the beach. Use nautical wheels or clocks as statement pieces around your home and choose soft, plushy rugs to be warm and cozy underfoot just like the sand.

Redecorating can give you a fresh sense of purpose and reinvigorate you. Your style may have changed as you changed over the course of the years and you should let your home reflect who you are today, not who you were five years ago. You’ll have decor you enjoy and have the power to transform your home into the kind of place you can’t wait to get back to after a long day at work.

Make your home into the oasis you want it to be and let it remind you of happy, sunny times on the beach.

Take control of your life and home by redecorating or updating with the kind of decor that makes you feel good. Whether that’s nautical pirate decor or a more simple nautical theme, unwind with the ocean around you!

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