Different themes for your home

Nautical desk clocks

We don’t live for the basic necessities of life. We do, in some ways, but life would get pretty boring pretty fast if all we did was sleep, eat and work every day. As humans, we demand a certain spiciness to our lives that just fulfilling the basic requirements can’t quite give us. What is this elusive quality that we seek in our lives, then? Does it have a name? Does it have a specific solid quality that we can nail down if we just think about it? Well, the answer to those questions is partially that it can be nailed and partially that it can’t. The primary reason for the ambiguity of these answers is that this quality manifests itself in different ways for different people. Let’s switch tracks for a second. Make it clearer than it might be to some. Let’s talk about something a bit more tangible and real than ephemeral qualities that can’t quite be described. Let’s go real down to earth and talk about something that can be seen, that physically, tangibly matters to a lot of different people all at once. Why don’t we start by talking about something as simple as a nautical ships wheel clock?

    It’s all about that colorful quality
    Now you might be wondering, rightfully, what a nautical ships wheel clock has to do with keeping the spice of color and variety in your life? How does something so simple and easy fit into such difficult questions? Well, it doesn’t have to be a nautical ships wheel clock, exactly. It can be anything from a wooden ship wheel to brass nautical clocks to a whole host of other decor, really. All of these are acceptable but none of them are absolutely necessary. That’s the crux of the beauty that we’re talking about here. Let’s re categorize, again. We can work our way up from the bottom instead of working our way from the top down. What are all these items? How do they fit into this idea of searching for a bigger meaning and fun to your life? They are paraphernalia, yes. That, above all else. But what else are they? They are decor. They are pieces for your home, the place where you live and spend a majority of your time. They are, in essence, an extension of your personality and who you are. They express who you are and the sides of yourself you want to show to others.
    Decorating your home the right way
    This is the fundamental bedrock of the discussion of this ephemeral quality. Oh it can go in any different direction. It doesn’t necessarily have to be about home decor. You can write a book or strive hard to maintain an exemplary performance at your insurance job. You can spruce up your car loan office or paint an enormous picture. It’s all about expression and showing the world who you are. We’re just using decor here as a perfect example of this ephemeral, expressive quality. It’s self expression above all else. This is what matters more than any of the daily necessities and routines. It’s the processing of living more than just living and it can be done in so many different ways. Decorating your home space is just one such way.
    Atmospheres for your home and life
    Now we can finally return to that eponymous nautical ships wheel clock. It’s just a small part of something so much bigger than itself. Your house doesn’t need to be nautical themed either. This is one way to go but it’s wholly necessary. There are as many themes and modes of expression as there are homes in the entire world. A lot of people choose an urban or a beach theme, depending on where they live. Others change the actual physical layout of their home to suit their various tastes. There are woodland homes and hunting homes and contemporary homes, even smart homes. By choosing these different decors, you are making a statement as a homeowner and a human being. You are choosing to be larger than yourself and to speak to the larger outside world.

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