Caring for Those Who Cared For Our Country

What is a purple heart in the military

Undoubtedly, veterans and military families face different challenges than those faced by civilians. Between frequent moves, long deployments, and assimilating back into civilian life upon their return home, veterans and their families often struggle to achieve a sense of balance and normalcy. Additionally, the financial aspect of these challenges can make matters worse.

However, Americans are passionate about showing their appreciation and support for military families and veterans, especially for the sacrifices they have made in order to serve and protect our country. There are a variety of local, regional, and national charities focused on not only supporting our troops, but also making it easier and more convenient for Americans to make charitable donations.

Clothing donations for veterans have become an increasingly popular way to give back to the military community, especially because of their convenience. The majority of organizations that help military families offer donation pick up services as an added convenience, but also as a way of encouraging Americans to donate clothes and other household goods, including non-perishable foods.

Additionally, clothing donations for veterans military families are extremely beneficial to the environment, as they significantly reduce the burden posed on landfills and reduce pollution. Did you know that 99% of clothing that is thrown away could be reused or recycled? In 2006 alone, a whopping 2.5 billion pounds of fabric and textiles were kept from landfills thanks to used-clothing purchases. Since that time, this cause has continued to garner the public’s attention.

Several items of clothing, regardless of style or season can be donated. Professional attire, such as suits, blouses, pencil skirts, etc., are popular choices, as they assist veterans and their families in becoming workforce ready. Children’s clothing is also a great option, as infants and children quickly outgrow their clothes.

It’s important to remember that clothing donations are just one way in which Americans can show support for the military community. However, no matter how large or small your contribution is, you can rest assured that it will be greatly appreciated and will help those in need. Research more here:

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