Family Dinners are Important; Here are Three Tips for Having a Fun Time Together

Did you know that studies have shown that kids eat healthier and are likely to struggle less in school and with social issues, if they have dinner with their family at least five times every week? Unfortunately, only 59% of families accomplish this. It can be difficult to work around busy, discordant schedules, and sometimes […]

Why Should You Set Aside Time Every Night for Family Dinners? Three Facts

Did you know that only 59% of families eat together at least five times every week? Although we all recognize the value in being together, the specific importance of family dinners is often underrated or ignored, especially when schedules get busy and it’s easier to eat on the go or in front of the tv. […]

If Family Dinners Are Important, Then Make Them Fun

Almost everyone can acknowledge that there is something special about having the entire family at the dinner table. Almost all American holiday traditions center around a meal around which the entire family gathers. For some kids, family dinners are remembered as awkward, or even stressful, where what should be simple family dinner conversation can quickly […]

At the Dinner Table, Ditch the Electronic Devices in Favor of Family Games

Too often it seems that family dinners are missing one key component. Family. These days it is all to common to see those in attendance during mealtime either staring blankly at their food, engrossed in a prime time television program, or perhaps worst of all, tapping away at their smartphones or other handheld gaming devices. […]

You Should Always Eat with Family At Dinner Table

It is important to have the whole family at dinner table gatherings because it helps strike up better family dinner conversation. When the family at dinner table eats together the family meal is more meaningful. Families should always have family dinner no matter what their schedule is like. When they have a hectic schedule, they […]