Charitable Clothing Donations Do to Others What You Want Them to Do to You

St vincent de paul clothing donations

Most of us — if not all of us — have clothing we no longer wear. Clothing that no longer fit us, that are no longer in style, or has simply been discarded behind the closet, never to emerge again. Clothing like this may not mean much to us but for the 600,000 thousand men, women, and children who are homeless in America, they mean much, much more.

If you have clothing you no longer wear, what better thing to do with them than to donate them to people who could truly used them? Charitable clothing donations are a generous token of respect and acknowledgement of those who have no home to go to. The homeless struggle everyday to survive and in many cases to ward off the elements. Those in colder climates often have to face freezing temperatures and wet conditions. Those in hotter climates have to face excruciating heat without so much as shade to keep them cool. Considering all the discarded and forgotten clothing many Americans have somewhere in the back of their closets and drawers, it just makes sense to give at least some of them to those who, for whatever reason, cannot properly clothe themselves.

Charitable donations of clothing and fabrics are always wonderful but there are a few things to check for before making a donation. First, make sure your lightly used clothing is washed. Dirty clothes are no good to anyone, especially — not even — the homeless. Also check for any stains, tears, or stretches that could make the clothing unsuitable. The clothing doesn’t have to look new but it does need to be adequate for wearing. Otherwise, the donation is practically useless. Clean and proper clothing donations can truly aid in helping families in need. Finally, make sure you find out where clothing donations are accepted. If you truly do not want to venture anywhere, you can have charitable organizations pick up your clothing directly from your house!

What do you think about charitable clothing donations? Do you have any clothing you no longer wear? Feel free to leave a comment or question at the bottom. To learn more, read this.

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