Choosing the Best Preschool for Your Child’s Academic Needs

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Finding a good preschool for your child is not the easiest task, as a parent. It is the first place they will spend more time away from you throughout the day. It is also the first place that they will become accustomed to a lifetime of education. Choosing the best preschool is important not only for your child?s enjoyment, but also to set them up for a successful education. When you are choosing the best preschool, you will want to keep the following important considerations in mind.

Location of preschool
You may be limited on preschool options in your general area. If you are not satisfied with the city?s public preschool option, you might have to find something outside of your city lines. This is usually in the form of private schools. However, also consider the location of the preschool in your decision process. You will have to transport your child to this school on a daily basis, something multiple times per day. They will also forget items and you will find yourself running back and forth between the school and home.

Another reason that location is important is friendship. Preschool is your child?s first opportunity to spend time away from home. They will be developing friendships and some of these friendships will carry on for many years. However, if you choose a school district that is far away, it may be difficult for them to keep in touch with these new school friends. It is also less likely that they will attend further education together.

School curriculum
The school curriculum is the type of lessons and values that the school teaches to your child. You will want to find something that closely aligns with your values and what you are teaching them at home. Also, choosing the best school includes a program with good communication, one that allows you to continue their lessons at home. Whether or not you opt for a private school, you will want to choose a preschool program that has a strong educational curriculum. You can find this by requesting information about the types of lessons and also asking to sit in on a current class to see what students are learning.

Extra curricular activities
Sometimes, the transition from home life to preschool can be very difficult. However, children that develop friendships and find enjoyments at school are likely to have an easier transition. Choosing the best preschool for your child may also mean choosing a school that has a good extra curricular program. Things like summer camp and after school athletics can be very beneficial to the child?s educational development. According to research by the American Camp Association (ACA), 63% of children who learn new activities at camp will sustain an interest in those activities after camp is over.

Good academic preparation program
A good academic program may not seem that important at the preschool level. However, good academic and study skills must begin at a young age. The types of lessons and skills that your child learns in preschool will allow them to succeed in kindergarten. The more prepared they are for kindergarten, the easier first grade will be for them, and so on. It is a never ending cycle of learning important academic preparation skills. On any given day, more than five million American youngsters attend some prekindergarten program. Give your child the same advantage by properly preparing them for the rest of the academic career.

About 30% of the country?s 3 and 4 year olds are enrolled in private preschools and childcare centers. Even if a private preschool educational program is not right for you, ensure that you are considering the most important aspects in picking a program. Your child?s preschool program should be within close proximity to your house and you, have a strong educational and value lesson plan, provide a good extra curricular program, and provide children with the necessary educational skills to succeed in a kindergarten program. Choosing the best preschool does not have to be difficult if you consider all of these important aspects.

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