Current Trends for Landscape Design Bring in All the Elements You Love


Since you love spending time outdoors, you want your home’s landscaping to further enhance this experience. If your surrounding grounds need some attention, a landscape design company can assist you with creating a beautiful outdoor living space.

In addition to adding a garden with plants that are native to your area, you may also want to include non-indigenous plants and trees that will also flourish. Depending on whether you live in a wet or dry climate, you might be considering low-maintenance, sustainable plants that are drought-resistant, such as dwarf shrubs.

If you’re looking for landscaping ideas, an article in Garden Design Magazine, “2017 Trends in Garden Design,” offers several examples. In addition to introducing natural materials, such as stone and rock, color blocking is also trending. Since flowers and plants come in so many different hues, you can create a variety of colorful patterns by planting these in different areas, or blocks.

Some landscape designers mentioned in the above article are creating “lawn-like alternatives” with different types of grasses. In addition to adding texture and variation, these do not need to be mowed. Since the average amount of time homeowners spend caring for their lawns every week is 4 hours, this is time that can be spent engaging in other outdoor activities.

Another trend addressed in Garden Design Magazine is combining garden design styles. If you have a love for modern minimalism, for example, a landscaper can also add in traditional-style garden elements. A Zen rock garden, for example, can be easily paired with a traditional kitchen herb garden.

You may also want to include hardscapes, such as poured concrete walkways and natural stone patios. Designated play areas, according to Garden Design Magazine, are also gaining in popularity as a landscape design.

It’s important to remember that when or if you decide to sell your home, 97% of real estate agents encourage sellers to have their homes landscaped. This is considered to be one of the top-5 ways to improve your home’s resale value. While your return on investment will depend on the style and extent of landscaping, you can potentially receive a 215% return.

Once a landscape architect is able to see the space you have available, they will be able to provide you with other ideas or recommendations. Whether you want to include a productive garden area or replace your lawn with a variety of low-maintenance grasses, there are so many ways to utilize and enhance your outdoor spaces.

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