Do You Need Rustic Furniture and Decor? Consider Log Cabin Styles

Hammered copper furniture

Do you live in the woods or in a more rural setting? If so, you may very well want to consider rustic home furnishings and rustic decor. If you live in a log cabin, it may make sense to get new rustic log cabin furniture to complement the space.

Amazingly, the first log cabin design was achieved without the use of any nails whatsoever. The reason this was possible is that the logs were typically notched and fitted to interlock, enabling a stronger structure and greater safety. In the 1600’s, the construction of a log cabin was a typically a community project, in which many hands teamed up to finish the project.

When it comes to rustic log cabin furniture
, each piece can vary by the individual builder. Some models of furniture may have peeled bark or chip carvings. Other pieces of furniture may utilize milk paint, gold or silver brushwork, or other ornamentation. Whatever the specific look of the furniture, furniture that is more rustic in nature typically has a more textured quality that can be quite appealing.

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