Donating Used Clothing and Other Items Provides Hope for Those Less Fortunate

Donate used toys

Every moment is a teachable moment, especially when you have young children in the house. What is it that you are teaching your children by the lifestyle you lead and the material possessions that you collect?

If you are like many people in our society, you have closets that are stuffed and drawers that are crammed. A full house, bursting at the seams, sends an interesting message to children. A message that more is better and that you can never have enough.

Many families in America, however, are starting to scale back. Scale back on the number of clothes they buy; scale back on the number of electronic toys they accumulate; scale back on the number of souvenirs they collect. These families are deciding that less is more and that the lesson they want to teach their children is a life of moderation.

If you are tired of the exploding closets and drawers and want to change the lessons you teach your children, the beginning point might be a thorough inventory of what you really need. For many in the U.S., this inventory process will include getting rid of many of the items you never use. And this allows you to really have a teachable moment with your children, both young and old.

Gathering donations for non profit organizations during your house cleaning and sorting process is a valuable way to help teach your children a life lesson, as well as helping families in need in your community. Donating clothes, household items and toys gives your family the opportunity to evaluate what is needed and important and to realize that lightly used clothing and other items can mean the world to someone less fortunate.

While sorting through your crowded task can be a difficult process, getting the donations for non profit organizations to the collection centers couldn’t be easier. Charity pick up services have become so prevalent that automatic calls can even remind you when collections in your neighborhood occur. A survey found that 50% of people making donations prefer door-to-door pickup. The other half donating items say they would not go more than 10 minutes out of their way to make a drop off. Luckily, almost every community has many convenient drop of locations.

While 42.7% of those surveyed gave more clothing donations, household item donations, and monetary donations during the holidays than the rest of the year, another 44.4% reported giving “about the same” during the holidays. How about you? Will it be the winter holidays or the spring house cleaning that will motivate you to teach your children the most valuable life lesson? Any time is a good time to look through your house for donations for non profit organizations.

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