Don’t Let Your Holiday Decorations Take Up So Much Room in the Off-Season

Storage units

As we come upon the holiday season, it will soon be time to take out all those boxes, and bags, and crates full of holiday decorations. As soon as Thanksgiving is over, the decorations are unpacked with care, and strung from one end of the house, to the other. And for weeks, the house is festive and fun, thanks to garlands and lights and tinsel. But the question is, what happens to all that garland and lights and tinsel when the holidays are over?

If your answer is something along the lines of, “Never, I’m keeping them up forever,” then that shows an admirable amount of holiday enthusiasm. But for everyone else, those decorations are going to have the go back in their boxes eventually. And whether the boxes get piled up in the basement, or the attic, or the garage, they take up an incredible amount of room, and only more so as the decoration collection grows year after year.

For this reason, all enthusiastic holiday decorators should consider renting a self storage unit. It may not have been something you’ve considered before, but moving all of your holiday decorations out of your house for the 11 months of the year where they sit around unused, you will free up a ton of space.

Self storage units come in a variety of sizes, and there’s even climate controlled storage to make sure none of your holiday-scented candles melt in the middle of July. Storage units can be used for lots of other things besides holiday decorations, of course. for example, you can even switch out your grill and lawnmower for your decorations in the winter months.

You can use storage units for everything from storing wine and collectibles, to storing cars and boats. And if you think there aren’t any storage unit facilities near you, you’d be surprised. A quick online search will likely lead to many nearby facilities. Find out more here.

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