Where You Should Donate Gently Used Clothing

Military donations

As the winter holidays are rapidly approaching, like many Americans, you may be looking for ways to give back to your local military community and show your appreciation and support for military families and veterans in your area. As you continue to stock up on yours and your families favorite food items, you may also be purchasing additional non-perishable food items in order to make a charitable donation to organizations that support military families and veterans in your area. While this effort is greatly appreciated, keep in mind there are several other ways to make charitable donations in your community.

Have you ever considered making a clothing donation? It’s estimated that Americans throw away nearly 68 pounds of clothing each year, 99% of which could have been reused or recycled. By making a clothing donation, you are not only making a difference in lives of those in need, and being an active member of your community, you are also contributing to the reduction of landfill waste and pollution. Clothing donations are a win-win gift, they benefit both those in need, as well as the environment.

However, many donors ask themselves “Where can I donate clothes?” There are a number of ways in which you can donate. There a number of charities that will pick up donations, right from the comfort and privacy of your home. Simply schedule a time with the charity, and place clothing items in the designated back (some charities provide waterproof bags in which to make your donation).

If you’re still wondering, “Where can I donate clothes?”, there are other ways in which still make a charitable contribution. Various charities have donation bins conveniently located in metropolitan and suburban areas, such as in shopping centers. This allows donors to conveniently make a donation while they are already out running errands. The donations bins are water and weatherproof, as well as theft proof. This allows you to feel confident that your donation is safe.

Last but not least, you can always make a donation in person at your local thrift or consignment store.

Remember, no matter how large or small your contribution is, know that you are actively making a difference in your community.

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