Finding Enough Storage Space Is a Challenge for Many Home and Business Owners

Staying organized in today’s world of consumerism. From our houses to our offices, many of us live in a place where we are surrounded by things. Perhaps it is because of this reason that there are a number of mobile storage trailers for sale across the country. From on site storage units to storage containers for lease that can be used for any length of time, we have become a society that is dependent on the ability to have a place to keep our things when we are not using the,

Cargo containers have always been used for shipping purposes, both on land and on the sea, but they are now serving many additional purposes as well. As offices, as inventory management resources, and even as homes in some parts of the country, there are a number of demands for this product. One of the most recently popular uses is when residential storage containers for rent are used to help a family prepare to sell a house and then move. In the past, home owners would have been able to stage their house by just putting unneeded items in their basements and their attics. Today, however, when the Los Angeles Times reports that there are as many as 300,000 items in the average American home, our basements and attic storage spaces are already completely full.

Mobile Storage Trailers for Sale Are Affordable, Convenient, and Reusable

Between the years 2016 and 2019, the global container market demand is projected to increase by as much as 4.7%. This should come as no surprise when you realize that 25% of people with two-car garages do not have room to park their cars inside them and 32% have room for only one vehicle, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. Desperate for a place to store our stuff, Americans are willing to consider a number of storage options, including mobile storage trailers for sale, rent, or lease.

And in addition to the storage potential, there is also the original intended purpose of these containers, and that is to carry good across the country and around the world. As proof, by the end of the year 2016 the revenues of truck, utility trailer, and RV rental and leasing in the U.S. were projected to reach approximately $16.1 billion.

Mobile storage trailers for sale are part of a growing and profitable market in the country that is used by every kind of industry and retailer. Even individuals are interested.

Recycled Containers Become Materials for the Next Generation of Shipping Resources

Interestingly enough, in this nation’s time of plenty, one of the major reasons that metal shipping and storage containers are so popular is that they can also serve another purpose when the current owner no longer needs them. For instance, new and packed with freight that has traveled from China to the U.S., these containers serve a purpose of being water tight and weather resistant.

Once these containers are carried across the ocean they can be loaded onto trains to travel across the nation, or trucks if they only need to travel a short distance. When these containers are replaced by newer models, there is a huge secondary market for the repurposing of these metal shells. From serving the purpose of a shed in the country to serving as a concession stand at a ball diamond, there are many individuals and organizations who are in the market for these resources. When they are no longer viable as a weather resistant storage option, they can then be recycled and made into the next generation of newer and improved storage containers.

The most current data shows that there are more than 17 million shipping containers currently in global circulation, with more than 5 million designated as active shipping containers at any one time. These containers make approximately 200 million trips per year. Once they are no longer used for the transportation of goods, they still serve a vital purpose, even when they do not go anywhere. As a temporary or permanent storage solution, there are a number of reasons that both individuals and businesses want to purchase, lease, or rent them

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