Finding the Right Storage Unit Can Make Your Next Move Easier to Manage

You are thrilled about having your daughter, son-in-law, and two grandkids move back near you. After two years of them living nearly 12 hours away, you were beyond excited when you found out that your daughter’s new job was going to require them to come back close to you. The fact that your son-in-law works remotely means that their family is able take care of this great opportunity.
The only downfall to the whole process is that this move means that your home will be a little crowded for the next few months. Your daughter and her husband quickly found a house that they want, but it needs a little bit of remodeling before they can move in. Renting a local storage unit is a pretty easy solution, though, and you are certain that you can find the patience that you will need to have a four extra people in your home for awhile. In fact, you are hoping that this will give you a chance to reconnect with your grandchildren that you typically only see once every two months.

How Much Do Storage Units Near Me Cost?

Supply and demand definitely applies to the price of storage units. In a town with a college campus, for instance, it should not come as a surprise that storage unit prices are a little higher than in places where there are not students looking for summer storage options. Self storage units can also see price differences depending on how much access the renters have to a unit. A storage unit complex that provides 24 hour access to the units requires more security cameras, which leads to a higher price range.

How Many Storage Units Near Me Are Climate Controlled?

Storage units for rent that are climate controlled are very desirable for some renters. For renters who want space that will allow them to store a classic car, for instance, a climate controlled environment will help protect the interior leather. In addition, climate controls allows people to comfortably retrieve things that they want even on the hottest days of the summer.

How Many Storage Units Near Me Allow Short Term Rentals?

Self storage space is sometimes at a premium, so short term rentals are not always available. In cities where there are colleges, however, a storage unit for rent may allow a summer rental that is available for the three months when the students are not at school. In other locations, however, storage space is at a premium and the owners of these spaces might decide to only offer six or 12 month rental options.

Whether you are decluttering your home in preparation for a move or you are one of the 25% of households with a two-car garage that does not have room to park a car inside it, a storage unit rental might be the perfect solution. For the 32% of homes that only have room for one car in a garage, a storage until rental might be the best way to get through the winter.

Are you one of the 35.1 million Americans who will move this year? If so, a storage rental might help you make the transition.

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