Frazzled By A Move? This Is How You Make It Easy

Moving can have a serious impact on your mental health. It is stressful, frustrating, time consuming and an all around–seemingly–impossible task, and yet, 35.5 million Americans still manage to move 300,000 items every year successfully. However, if you prepare yourself ahead of time, you can better streamline the process and–maybe–spend less time pacing and more time packing. All it takes is a small amount of dedication.

The Power of a List

It may seem silly at first, but a handy list is such an invaluable tool. Let us put it this way: you have hundreds, and thousands, of items to worry about. Cataloging items in your mind just is not going to cut it. You could end up donating some articles of clothing that you meant to keep or maybe your spouse donates an item that was supposed to be kept. Adhere to a list. Roam around your house and take notes on which items are staying with you and which items could be donated. Always try to donate items. Do not trash them. Employing junk removal services could take care of that part.

Junk removal services are exactly what is stated: they remove junk. However, since some junk removal services just trash items, it is highly recommended you employ a junk removal company that donates items that can be donated and also recycle items, on top of junking items that are of no use for donation or recycling.

Now, with this list you can take two avenues: move the stuff yourself or employing moving services.

One Step at a Time

Start by packing decorations: posters, display pieces, statues, knick-knacks, item that have a higher chance of being accidentally broken during the moving process. And plus, these items do not need to be displayed while you are moving. They can do first.

Next, do not pack the entire house at once. Start with one room. In fact, go to each room and make note of items that can be grouped together. If two rooms have shelves then those shelves can be packed together rather than in separate boxes. You will save yourself a box or two, too. Thinking of the big picture only slows the moving process down because you are trying to do ten million things at once when, really, you can simply focus on one task at a time.

The Power of Movers

Employing movers can be an excellent way of getting your stuff out in a timely manner, especially if you are an individual incapable of moving so many boxes by yourself. You can see it in the numbers. The moving industry is an instrument that sings to the tune of $85.7 billion. An impressive impact on the economy.

So, this is where you list becomes incredibly important. If you employ movers, then you are going to need a list for the final destination of every box, tub and bag.

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