Why More Expecting Mothers Are Looking Towards Midwives

Childbirth in hospitals is gradually starting to fade, as more people are opting for the traditional method of seeking midwives nearby to perform an assisted home birth. The trend of home birth has become a healthier and safer alternative for most women of color than hospitals, given the grueling history between the healthcare system and women of color’s reproductive rights. The concept of home birth is to provide a sense of wellbeing for the expecting mother—a significant bond that will solidify the baby’s birth. Although childbirth is considered one of the most painful and dangerous experiences a woman will endure, the myths surrounding the unsafely of home birth has recently been debunked. Instead, most people have chosen to search “midwives near me” on their phones than visiting a hospital, and their experiences have been life-altering. Many mothers have reported finding a “midwife near me’ was their best decision because of the lack of invasive medications and doctors that constantly probe you while in labor. The term “midwife” receives mixed connotations as well—people automatically imagine a woman in traditional garments, but the fact is that most people want midwifes more than ever. The benefits of having “midwives near me’ allows the mother to remained relaxed and focused throughout the process, unlike the hospital that requires your checkout date is shortly after giving birth. Hospital staff is constantly under pressure to deliver the child as quickly as possible, which are where many complain occur. Mothers don’t want to subject themselves or their newborn because of their intervention with natural childbirth. Therefore they search “midwives near me” to have a natural birth.

Pros and Cons of Being A Midwife

a. You’re considered ‘low-risk’: Most certified midwives only opt to take care of low-risk women that can sustain their health moderately well while undergoing pregnancy. The midwife is also there in times of need to cheer you on; if you’re a high-risk patient, the midwife discusses things more in depth.

b. Doctors are more qualified: Although a certified midwife is extremely helpful and can provide a person with both informational and knowledge, they’re often not as qualified as much a doctor is considered to because some situations are simply before her control.

c. Your Enjoy Longer Prenatal Care Visits: Many pregnant women want direct interaction, which is granted through having a midwife. There’s a chance to get to know someone on an interpersonal level.

d. Midwives have a higher rate of survival: Nearly 80% of the world relies on traditional methods of natural birth, while America makes up only 1% of babies born using a midwife.

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