How a Locksmith Picks a Lock

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Have you ever needed to call a 24 hour emergency locksmith? It can be a stressful situation, but the locksmith’s know-how can really get you out of a jam. This video will show how locksmiths are able to pick locks to get you back into your home, apartment, or car.

You may think of robbers when you picture lockpicking, but the truth is, smashing a window is always easier and quicker than picking a lock. Most of the time, lockpicking is done by a reliable and professional locksmith.

The tools you need to pick a lock are a tension wrench and a hook-shaped pick. There are a variety of pick shapes and locks. Insert the tension and give a medium amount of rotational force to bind up one of the lock pins.

Maintain tension on the lock, and probe the pins with your pick. If the pin feels springy, then it is not ready to be picked yet. You are looking for the bound pin. When you find it, push up on it until you hear a click, then you can move on the other pins.

Remember to keep constant pressure on your tension wrench. If you ease up on it or move it, your work may be undone as you go along. Unbind each pin, one by one, and you should be able to get in!

For more information, check out the video above.

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