How Farm Land Benefits the Country and the World


When thinking of things that benefit the world, what comes to mind? Do you think of science, religion, modern medicine, technology, charity? While those might benefit the world, some people often forget one of the things that has kept mankind alive for thousands of years — agriculture. With the vast amount of farm land for sale in the Midwest United States, it is easy to contribute to this wonderful industry and earn some rewards while at it.

Farms Are Not Ranches

There are a differences between farms and ranches, though people use the two terms as though they are synonymous. Ranches often have livestock and earn terms such as horse ranch or cattle ranch. There are also hunting ranches that have acres of fenced in areas for hunters to have their pick of the corralled animals. Farms are more focused on vegetation, poultry, or pork.

Farm Facts

  • Of the 2.2 million farms in the United States, over 96% of them are family owned.
  • Texas makes the most out of any state in the nation off of farm land for sale.
  • Also in Texas agriculture related business transactions account for $36 billion of the economy.
  • California, however, makes the most in the nation with their crops.
  • The earthquake ridden state makes substantial amounts with their top exports being almonds, dairy, dairy products, and wine.
  • Following California’s top crops are 66 others including artichokes, dates, figs, raisins, kiwifruits, olives, peaches, pistachios, prunes, pomegranates and sweet rice.
  • Nebraska has over $23 billion worth of exports sent all over the world.
  • Wyoming has over 30 million acres of farm land.
  • All this land totaled $230 million worth of crops in 2013.

Other Uses for Farm Land

Some people have big dreams. Instead of growing crops, some may make find some farm land for sale and create a wildlife preserve. Some may choose to donate the land for charitable purposes. Others may wish to pursue oil. With acres and acres of land, anything is possible.

Done right, farm land can bring its holder lots of return. Whether that return is monetary or emotional, it will be there. Finding some quality farm land for sale can completely change someone’s life, especially if that person is from an urban area. The culture might be a huge shock at first, but it’s worth it.

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