3 Reasons to Move to Bluffton, South Carolina

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Moving to a new town can be a fun and scary feat. There are so many things to keep in mind, both for the place you’re going and the place you’re leaving. But if you’re moving to Bluffton, SC, you have so much to look forward to after the move. This tiny town boasts a fun and vibrant community with plenty of room to expand. It provides small town life without being too far from a city, and in many ways, is picturesque. Read on for three reasons you should make this town your next home!

Build Your Dream Home, or Find a New One

New homes are easy to find in Bluffton, and if you can’t find the perfect one, building your dream home is easy here! There are plenty of plots of land, and building your dream home is easy with plenty of experienced contractors in town. Bluffton is constantly developing into a better town, and your new home can help in this journey!

Join a Fun, Vibrant Community

Though it’s a quiet town, with a population of just 13,606, Bluffton is a wonderful community. There is always something to do, and everyone is incredibly friendly. You will never be on your own with nothing to do in this cozy town! In fact, Bluffton was named one of the top “Small Town Escapes” in the June/July 2015 issue of Garden and Guns Magazine.

Enjoy a Perfect Mix

You can enjoy the safe neighborhoods and small town feel while living here, but if you need a city escape nearby, Bluffton has you covered! Bluffton is only 30 minutes away from Georgia’s oldest city and top tourist attraction: Savannah, GA. So you get to enjoy living in a small town, but there’s another world of excitement just a short drive away!

Do you think this little town is the place for you? What’s your favorite part of moving to a new town? Have you ever been to Bluffton?

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