How to Create Your Very Own Office Space

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If you’re looking to create an office space in your home, you need to be sure it’s a warm and happy place where you can be free to focus and be creative! A space can definitely influence how productive we are, or how creative we feel. Are you an artist who runs her own Etsy shop from home? Be sure to choose accents for your home office that reflects you as an artist! Are you someone who needs to be able to focus for long periods of time? Be sure to go with muted colors, lots of space ad natural light, and get rid of distractions in your room.

If you’re looking to set up a home office, here are some tips to keep in mind when decorating.

1. Go with modern furniture

There are so many contemporary pieces out there that offer a chic minimal look. If you’re going for an artsy space, putting modern furniture into your home office means the attentions goes away from loud and bright furniture, and instead to the accents you choose to hang or put up in your home office that reflect your business or your creative side. For example, choosing all white modern furniture with light-colored walls means you can hang up posters, hang creative accents from the ceilings, display books, or put up brightly-colored picture frames that draw your eye to the bright and fun accents over the furniture. For those who need a more muted and quite space to work, opt for muted colored walls, like a light turquoise-grey wash with minimal, modern furniture, so that you do not feel distracted by “loud” accents.

2. Choose handcrafted pieces as well

Handcrafted furniture not only means unique styles, but it also means pieces that are built to last. Handmade furniture takes a lot more tender love and care to put together than pieces that have been manufactured. Consider handmade accents, from furniture to wall hangings to trinkets you can put up in your space.

3. The desk makes it

The most important aspect of a home office, and a stylish yet effective one at that, is a good desk. You can choose contemporary furniture or wood furniture for your home office, all depending on the look you want to do for. For a more rustic feel, go with woof furniture, while contemporary furniture makes for a very chic feel.

4. When all else fails, go custom

There are custom furniture options available as well. Perhaps you want a piece of furniture in a specific color to go in your home office, and there are businesses around that can help you with this. Be sure to add in some other custom pieces that reflect who you are as a person, like handmade picture frames, DIY crafts, and other personalized pieces (like stationary or pencil cups) that have your name on it. This is your home office, so be sure you are reflected in it!

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