Three Ways to Make Your Craft Space More Productive

Craft storage shelves

This is the year.
The year when you are finally going to get put your craft organizer units to work. Instead of spending another weekend sorting through your fabirc stash for the right color to match the project your daughter is working on in her high school sewing class, you will use the craft organizer stations to permanently arrange the cloth by color and by pattern.
Instead of spending any more time looking through piles of scrapbook paper every time you or your daughter want to put some pages together, you will the modular cube storage to organize all of the scrapbooking supplies so they are easily accessible.

Even if you have purchased the most well designed craft organization systems, they will be of little help if they are not set up. Even if you have the best scrapbook storage drawers on the market, they will do you no good if you do not take time to organize your supplies into them. The craft organizers that you can buy today are cleanly designed and stylish. The maple storage cubes, for instance, can be purchased in a stain that perfectly matches the woodwork in your home. None of these available craft organizer items, however, will be of any use to you if you do not take the time to sort and organize your current supply.
Fortunately, the New Year is a perfect time to make sure you set off on a new set of routines and habits. By using the New Year as a time to reorganize your stash of fabric, scrapbooking supplies, and other items, you can embark on a productive year of actually crafting, rather than cleaning and sorting every time you want to work on a project.
Commit to getting rid of the craft items you do not use. The first step to organizing your craft room is to take time to sort through the items that you already have. With a determination to throw out or donate the items that you never use, go through the boxes and tubs that you have. There are many groups that would greatly benefit from the items that you no longer use. From extra paper cutters to fabric that you no longer like, finding the right group to donate these items to helps both you and the recipient.

Commit to one kind of storage system. Unfortunately, many crafters collect storage pieces the way that they collect their favorite kinds of fabrics. Instead of settling on one kind of storage solution, some crafters fall victim to purchasing random, unmatched pieces when they go on sale. When clearances, these end of the stock clearance cubes and towers are just too tempting to many crafters. A far better approach, however, is to make a thoughtful organizational purchase after you have gotten rid of all of the craft items that you no longer use of like.

Commit to staying organized. Like any New Year’s diet plan, if you do not stay committed to keeping your new craft space organize, you can be back to the same mess by summer, maybe even earlier. Finding new papers, fabrics, or other supplies that you like will always be fun for most crafters. Every purchase or addition that you make, however, needs to immediately be correctly stored in your new space. Just like any diet that you start when you turn the calendar to a new year, it is important to make sure that every day you are staying committed to your new plan. Picking up after a work afternoon, filing the new items that you buy, and continuing to get rid of the items that are doing nothing more than taking space can all help you stay committed to your new craft room space.

Is this the year when you will finally tackle all of the random craft work and storage areas that you have in your home? Is this the year when you will finally pull the organizational cubes and towers out of the box and get them set up into a space that will work for you? If you want to have the most productive year of crafting, it is time to make better use of the crafting products and the space you already have.

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