How to Design Your Luxury Home

Charlotte luxury home builders

Many people dream of finding the perfect home only to be disappointed to find that that home doesn’t exist. For the bold, luxury custom home builders can help turn dream homes into realities. Luxury home models can be tailor-made with the only limitation being the homebuyer’s budget. Since contractors typically charge 15-25% of the total price for building a home, the most savvy home buyers can design luxury house floor plans that help minimize cost while maximizing comfort and design.

Design With Longevity In Mind

While extravagance certainly lends itself to the air of luxury home designs, one doesn’t have to break the bank to maintain such a home. Taking the initiative to design your home around economically-efficient products can help save hundreds or even thousands per year in operating costs. Installing geothermal systems can help reduce heating and cooling costs by 25-50% over conventional systems. New innovations such as spray foam insulation and double-paned wood or vinyl-framed windows can help further reduce energy loss over their traditional counterparts depending on your regional climate. Some of the latest appliances are not only more efficient than earlier models, but many use less electricity or water to operate, further decreasing the cost of operation.

Finishing Touches

While it is a good idea to incorporate energy-savings into your future luxury house floor plans, this alone does not make a luxury home. Added amenities such as wine cellars, indoor pools, and sports areas are some of the most popular new features according to Forbes. Some of the most in-demand fixtures include stone bathtubs, infinity pools, outdoor cooking spaces, and vineyards. For the modern individual, new fully-wired smart systems can connect devices to their homes, allowing homeowners to immediately access features such as security, climate control, and even appliances in some cases. Many of us already know what to look for in a home — with help from custom house builders anyone can design the home that they’ve been looking for.

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