How to Live a Luxurious Lifestyle

Philadelphia apartment

Luxury living need not be so expensive. It’s quite possible to afford cheap luxury apartments on the same city living budget you’re currently on. The key is to redefine your idea of what luxury living is. It’s not caviar in Paris or yacht tours around the Mediterranean–luxury living is surrounding yourself with quality people, things, and experiences.

The first thing to do is to appreciate the luxuries you already have. While you may not have the most high-tech smartphone or state-of-the-art laptop, you do have a computer, or else you wouldn’t be reading this. That’s a luxury. Appreciate it. In your own way, you’re already luxury living. You just have to wake up and notice it.

Most of the quality experiences in life are free. You don’t have to surf the Hawaiian swells, or discuss philosophy with expatriate writers in Parisian cafe to have quality life experiences. The smell of bacon in the morning, time with loved ones, old photographs–all of these are part of the luxury living that you’re already doing.

In order to make room for more quality experiences and people, you’ve got to purge your life of the poor quality things in it. Stop listening to cynics, pessimists, whiners, blamers, and generally negative people. Stop rushing things, and take your time. Do them right or don’t do them at all. Save up and buy nicer clothes. Dressing luxurious leads to feeling luxurious.

Most importantly, believe that you deserve it. Stop listening to the negative voices in your head that tell you you’re unworthy. You’re not.

Cheap luxury living is a possibility if you simply redefine your ideas. Stop being so materialistic and realize that there’s a world of luxury all around you. All you have to do is engage with it.

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