Three Undeniable Benefits of Renting an Apartment

Rent an apartment

As of early 2015, homeowner rates in the United States were at about 63.8%. While this statistic alarms many individuals, it also may simple indicate a shift in mainstream spending habits and investments. And with the benefits of renting an apartment, no wonder so many people are opting for rentals instead of buying a home.
Here are three (of many) benefits of renting an apartment:
Reason No. I: Alleviation of Responsibilities
Buying an apartment is a huge investment. In fact, it’s almost like a wound that never stops bleeding. Just like a person, apartments need to maintained constantly or else they fall apart. But as a renter, none of this has to concern you. When rent an apartment, you aren’t help responsible for any of the maintenance bills or repair costs. Whether it’s a leaky dishwasher or a crack in your ceiling, it’s your landlord’s responsiblity to fix it. It doesn’t matter if you rent a luxury loft or a shabby city apartment; the landlord is still responsible for such expenses.

Reason No. II: You Get the Ritz Treatment Without Going Crackers
Ever wanted a pool or a personal gym? Renting an apartment affords you these luxurious amenities that most homeowners dream of experiencing and enjoying. And the addition of these amenities don’t have to be expensive; even mid-level apartment rentals offer such luxuries. Dive in!

Reason No. III: Less Money Down, More to Save
Apartment living is often perfect for individuals who are looking to start saving money to buy a home. Unlike house buying, renting an apartment only requires a small down payment that usually consists of a deposit fee, and first and last month’s rent. Usually, this only amounts to a few thousand dollars. In comparison to the $175,000 your home move-in would cost you, it is a very drastic withdrawal from your savings account.

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