How to Plan a Unique Wedding for the Ages

Hall for wedding reception

Every bride-to-be dreams of their wedding day from as early as they can remember. Planning a wedding that is both traditional and unique is a challenge, but when successfully pulled off, it is sure to be an occasion to remember. With over 2.4 million weddings each year in the U.S. many couples are struggling to find unique wedding places, events, and elements. Since up to 30% of brides plan their weddings for seven to 12 months, now might be a good time to read on for inspiration when it comes to finding the best venue for your wedding.

Planning a Unique Wedding

Weddings are continuous balancing acts: many want their weddings to be formal affairs, but simultaneously want their guests to feel comfortable and welcomed. Theme weddings are becoming one of the most popular ways to build up a unique wedding based on a location, season, colors, or even a particular dress. Everything from food and invitations to photographers and DJs must be considered, a wedding is in fact the sum of its parts. Many couples want their weddings to reflect who they are together; this is why up to 40% of brides and grooms-to-be look for unusual venues and destinations to make their weddings even more memorable.

The Best Destination Wedding Places

Up to 35% of weddings are held in outdoor locations. Parks, golf resorts, and beaches are some of the most popular destination wedding places. An increasing number of couples will actually travel outside of the state or country for their dream marriage. Experts suggest that couples book their wedding reception site as soon as they are able to; couples that do not book their reception locations within a year risk potentially losing that location and having to change plans. Whether you are looking for a traditional wedding or something a little more unique, make sure all of the preparations are in order so you can actually enjoy your big day!

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