If Finding A Wedding Venue Is Your Worst Enemy, Here’s How To Defeat It Now

Miami wedding reception venues

Although banquet halls have long been seen as a place for corporate event venues, more and more couples are choosing to look at banquet halls as a viable spot for their wedding reception. Like with corporate event venues, it’s an open, large, and relatively affordable spot to book for a wedding. Since the usual advice is to book your wedding reception venue as soon as possible after getting engaged, finding the best wedding places is usually high on the to-do list. It’s recommended to start looking at least a year to nine months prior to the wedding itself. And since 30% of brides begin planning their wedding for about seven to twelve months before the wedding, popular venues can get taken quickly. Luckily for all overwhelmed brides-to-be, banquet hall rentals are available year round and often in abundance.
Why A Banquet Hall?
Banquet halls are built for large social gatherings, be it corporate event venues like cocktail hours and meet-and-greets, a party for graduations or retirements, or in this case, weddings. They’re usually attached to another big attraction, like a hotel, bar, clubs, or restaurant, and have all the necessary items you might need. The walls are generally more soundproofed, they may already have a built in bar or dance floor, have fun lights in storage, have contact with a DJ, and enough chairs and tables for everyone. A banquet hall rental is also generally a bit more inexpensive than doing a luxury venue like a beach resort or a castle. In 2014, the average wedding guest list was at almost 140 people. Unless you own a good amount of property, it’s difficult to find a space that will comfortably fit 140 people, of all ages, with different needs. Banquet halls are perfect for accommodating a large amount of people.
What Should I Look For In A Banquet Hall?
One thing many couples don’t consider is having the ceremony and the reception in the same place. This cuts down on travel and time for guests, as well as the couple. They can simply walk from one room to the next. If this is something you’re looking for, consider trying to find a banquet hall that can accommodate both needs. You’ll also want to find out what the banquet hall provides and what you’ll have to pay extra for–caterers, music, special dishes, etc. Don’t just assume the banquet hall will provide everything–sometimes, they’ll provide the space and not much more. It’s also important to know what facilities are included, like whether or not there are enough bathrooms and kitchen space.
Where Can I Find A Banquet Hall?
Online searches usually yield strong results and if there are popular venues around you, you may hear via word of mouth. Family and friends are great for recommendations, especially if they’ve used the facility before. If you hire a wedding planner, he or she may also have suggestions on where to hold your reception and/or ceremony.
Considering using a banquet hall for your wedding ceremony and/or reception may take a huge weight off your shoulders in the beginning of your wedding planning. After all, you want this experience to be your dream come true, with as little stress as possible.

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