Great Reasons To Raise A Family In Florida

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3 Reasons For Families To Move To Florida

The sunshine state is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the country, as well as some very affordable living arrangements. In fact, the real estate market for a new home is booming right now. Many families have already learned that moving from a state such as New York to Florida has saved them millions of dollars in taxes. If you are looking for a place to move your family, these reasons just might make you take that final step into paradise.

  1. Buying A Home Is Cheap

    It doesn?t matter if whether you are looking for a place in Tallahassee or Boca Raton, in Florida buying a new home can be cheap. In fact, if you claim a single family home as you primary ?homestead?, you will receive a tax exemption for the first $50,000. That is something to you won?t find in any Northern metropolis. Also, many families are moving into self sustaining communities, which are going to be a whole lot less expensive than modern homes. If you want to live within a tight-knit community of healthy and happy families, Florida is a great place to do it.

  2. You Will Find Friends Of All Ages

    Most people know that Florida is popular for retirees, but a recent survey found that 66% of millennials choose to live in suburban areas. There are plenty of single family homes in the hip parts of Jacksonville, and the Tampa master planned communities are thriving right now. The fact is, you won?t find whole neighborhoods made up of one kind of person. Single family homes come in all shapes and sizes, and with all sorts of neighbors. And people in Florida tend to be friendly, so don?t be surprised if you receive a few chicken pot pies or jello bowls as welcome gifts within your first few weeks in the Sunshine State.

  3. The Weather Keeps You Healthy

    Last but not least, the weather! It is simply unbeatable. The summers are never too hot because the breeze that constantly wafts in from the Gulf, and the winters are? almost nonexistent. Granted, if you really love cold weather, you might want to look elsewhere. But if you have any tropical inclinations there are plenty of single family homes right near the beach, just waiting! The natural salts that come in from the ocean and the steady humidity keep bodies healthy, skin tanned, and people happy.

Florida is a great place for families of any size or background. The initial move can be jarring if you are coming from a state like New York, but before you know it you will fit right in. It?s all about fun in the sun and affordable living, so come take a look if you?re interested in buying a new home for the family.

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