Save Thousands in Carpet Cleaning This Winter With One Simple Trick!

Carpet cleaning prices vary depending on the size of your carpet, how dirty it is, and whether you have pets or kids. If you are looking for a good deal, check out these tips to get the most bang for your buck.

• Choose a quality carpet cleaner: A good carpet cleaner should be able to clean any type of carpet without leaving behind stains. It also needs to be powerful enough to suck up all the dust and dirt from your carpet. A good carpet cleaner will come with a warranty, so if something goes wrong, you can always return the product and get your money back.

• Do not forget the shampooer: A good carpet shampooer will help you achieve a cleaner carpet by removing all the dirt and grime. Make sure you use high-quality shampoo because cheap shampoos may leave your carpet smelling like chemicals.

• Hire an expert: In some cases, hiring a professional cleaning company can help you save money. A-list carpet cleaning companies have professionals who can handle even the toughest jobs. You can even compare options online before making a decision. If you want to save money, get quotes from multiple companies and only contact one that offers quality services at an affordable cost.\

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Are you a building owner, property manager, office manager, or homeowner dreading the start of the winter season? Obviously not many people look forward to the long winter months, but if you’re the person on the hook for expensive carpet cleaning services, then the winter can be a nightmare.

Every time it snows you have to watch employees, customers, and even people you thought were your friends track their sludge covered boots all over your precious carpets. With every step they take, with every move they make they track a little bit more gray icy sludge over the floors. And by winter’s end, when everything is covered in a disgusting sheet of wintry mix, your carpets will be stained with thousands of ugly boot prints.
Not only is this an eyesore, but it’s also not easy on the nose either. And when it’s all over, you’ll have no choice but to pay for deep commercial carpet cleaning services.

Carpet Cleaning Companies Reveal How To Avoid Carpet Stains Over the Winter Months?

It’s not rocket science, it just takes a little preparation. If you want to spare your carpets from the worst of the winter elements, then you need to put down ground protectors before it snows. This can range from a heavy-duty welcome mat on the inside of the office door, to cardboard taped down over heavily-trafficked areas in the building.
One option: find a store that sells elegant but inexpensive area rugs. Buy two versions of the same rug, that way you can send one for upholstery cleaning services while the other takes a shift on the floor. Put up a friendly sign encouraging people to stomp the snow, ice, sludge, and mud from their shoes before walking on the carpets. This won’t be a foolproof strategy for saving your carpets, but it can make a huge difference.
And while putting cardboard paths throughout your entire office probably isn’t an option, many people do put a few yards of cardboard in front of the main entrance. While you should pay carpet cleaning companies once or twice a year regardless of the winter weather, taking these simple preventative steps can make a huge difference come spring.
What tricks do you use to protect your carpets during the winter? Let us know in the comments what works for you!

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