Ideal Careers for Your Child to Consider

As a parent, you can guide your child as they choose their future career. Sit down with them and discuss careers they can consider. While the final decision rests with your child, these ideal careers can all be options that provide a bright future for them.


Vehicles require regular repairs and maintenance, and it’s the job of automotive mechanics to provide those auto repairs. To work as a mechanic, you need a strong understanding of how vehicles function. Mechanics must be familiar with different makes and models and learn to use various tools to inspect or improve vehicles. These are ideal careers for people with an interest in cars.

Children who have spent time working on cars will already know what a job like this entails. If your child hasn’t fixed cars before, look for opportunities for them to get some practice. Detailing work, like cleaning and vacuuming cars, is an excellent way to start. Teenagers may even be able to get part-time jobs at auto shops.

If your child does choose to become a mechanic, they’ll have several options for education. The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) offers a certification program for mechanics. Internships and apprenticeships are also an option. Since so people rely on cars, this is a thriving career field with many opportunities.

Police Officer

It’s the role of police officers to enforce laws and protect communities. If your child does choose to work in law enforcement, there are several police careers they can pursue. For example, detectives investigate more complex crimes, while a patrol officer will spend their time patrolling the streets and responding to calls.

These are ideal careers for someone with a strong sense of justice. While a career in law enforcement isn’t right for everyone, it can be rewarding, and many opportunities are available. Many people who enter the police force build lifelong careers.

The requirements for becoming a police officer can vary based on location. If this is something that your child is interested in, take the time to look into the requirements in your area. You may also want to see if a local police officer could sit down with your child and answer questions about their job.

Home Builder

There are many job opportunities in construction. Many areas have a shortage of affordable housing, so now is a great time to become a home construction contractor. Construction jobs are ideal careers for people that love to work with their hands.

While some jobs require extensive training, working as a home builder is something that your child can do with minimal experience. In fact, your child may be able to take on summer jobs in construction while they’re still in school. That way, they’ll be fully prepared for a career in the field when they graduate.

Building a home is complex, but there are many construction jobs your child could pursue. If they work in carpentry, they can take on tasks like constructing walls, building doorframes, or installing structures within a home. Many entry-level positions are labor-intensive jobs involving digging holes, carrying materials, or other tasks.

Since construction is a varied industry, your child can pursue different roles if they enter this career field. While some jobs require certifications, it’s a career field with plenty of opportunities for growth. If your child isn’t afraid to get their hands dirty, talk to them about working in construction!

HVAC Contractor

People rely on heating and air conditioning systems to keep their homes comfortable throughout the year. HVAC contractors install, maintain, and repair these systems. If your child chooses to work in this field, they’ll have many job opportunities, and they’ll be able to improve the quality of life of all the clients they work for.

What’s great about working in this field is that there are opportunities across the country. Whether you’re in a northern state or a southern one, people need reliable heating and cooling. If your child wants to move somewhere new in the future, they’ll easily be able to find a job in their new location.

To enter this career field, your child must enter a training program. They may also want to pursue additional certifications to give them more field opportunities. Once they’re certified, they can start working under an apprenticeship. Eventually, they’ll be able to become a fully-licensed contractor.

These are ideal careers for people that enjoy spending time outside and want a job with lots of flexibility. If these are things that your child is interested in, talk to them about working as an HVAC technician. They may discover that this career field is the perfect fit for them!

Paving Contractor

It’s the job of paving contractors to apply materials like asphalt and concrete to surfaces. These materials are used for sidewalks, parking lots, and roadways. They may also be referred to as asphalt contractors. In addition to pouring paving, they may repair damaged paving or seal the paving to protect it against future damage.

Some people who work in paving obtain a certificate or complete an apprenticeship program. Others may pursue a degree in a related field, like civil engineering. If your child is interested in working in paving, look at local jobs in this industry to see their requirements.

What’s great about working in paving is that many types of jobs are available. Contractors often work on small residential projects but may also take on larger ones. For example, a contractor could get hired for a backyard project that can be completed in a day, but they could also spend weeks working on a large-scale project at a facility like an airport.

Not everyone is comfortable being cooped up in an office. Jobs like this make ideal careers for children who love being outside and working with their hands. While it’s likely that your child will start out working for a paving company, they could eventually start their own business once they have more experience under their belt.


Many nurses are retiring, so the demand for new nurses is extremely high! Your child will need strong communication skills and plenty of compassion to work in nursing. It’s a demanding job but caring for people who need help can be incredibly rewarding.

Not only are there many job opportunities for nurses, but there are also a variety of nursing specialties. From pediatric nurses to geriatric nurses, many types of roles are available. Your child could work as an ER nurse or start a career as a travel nurse, requiring them to travel to different facilities.

Most registered nurses have a four-year degree, while licensed practical nurses typically complete a two- or three-year program. If your child is interested in nursing but isn’t sure it’s the right career, they could also work as a nurse’s assistant. Taking a nurse’s assistant job will give them hands-on experience and an opportunity to work in the field.

Healthcare positions are ideal careers for people wanting meaningful jobs. We all depend on healthcare workers like nurses. If your child chooses to pursue this job, they’ll be a part of something important.


Working in law isn’t always as exciting as it looks in the movies, but this career will require your child to keep their mind sharp. Your child must study many facets of the law to succeed as a lawyer. They’ll also have to keep up with cases and developments in the legal field.

There are many specialties in law, so your child will have a range of jobs to choose from. They could work as a criminal attorney, pursue a career in corporate law, or focus their attention on other areas, like estate planning or personal injury law. Once your child starts studying the law, they can pick a specialty that interests them.

If your child is considering the legal field, let them know it takes time to become a lawyer. They must obtain a bachelor’s degree, complete law school, and pass the bar exam in whatever state they want to practice in. All this schooling is a big commitment, but law jobs are still ideal careers for people that want to use their brains at work.


When people have plumbing problems, they depend on plumbers to resolve them quickly. From repairing leaky pipes to installing toilets, plumbers do work that truly helps people. Working as a plumber will allow your child to take on many jobs and meet various people. It’s a surprisingly interesting career with many opportunities for advancement.

The requirements for becoming a lawyer vary from state to state, but in most areas, plumbers must obtain a license. To become a licensed plumber, your child must be formally trained. They can get that training from a trade school or an apprenticeship. Afterward, they’ll need on-the-job experience to develop their skills.

Plumbing jobs make ideal careers for people that want job security. People will always need plumbers, and because of that, they’ll always be able to find work if they’re properly trained. If your child loves solving problems and fixing things, there’s a good chance they’ll love working as a plumber!

Residential service jobs like plumbing also make a good career path if your child wants to someday own a business. While plumbers usually start out working for someone else, it’s not unusual for plumbers to start a business of their own once they have the experience to do so. It’s a career that can grow with your child.


If your child is committed to caring for their teeth, they might be interested in caring for other people’s teeth! People depend on dentists to keep their smiles healthy and fix issues causing pain. In recent years, there’s also been increased interest in other fields, like cosmetic dentistry.

While the length of schooling programs can vary, it usually takes around eight years for someone to become a dentist. After your child obtains a bachelor’s degree in a related field, they’ll need to attend dental school to earn their DDS. When they’re in dental school, they’ll have the chance to work with patients and develop the skills they’ll need as dentists.

Some medical careers have long, demanding hours, but a dentist’s hours tend to be more reasonable. There are plenty of dental jobs, and there are also many opportunities for growth within this field. Some dentists even go on to open their own practice.

Dental jobs are ideal for people who want to help others and maintain career independence. If your child isn’t sure about being a dentist, they could also pursue other dental careers. For example, they could work as a dental hygienist or become an orthodontist.


Spending time outdoors can elevate our mood and improve our health. If your child loves being outside, you should talk to them about a landscaping career. Many people rely on professional landscapers to keep their yards looking great.

Landscapers usually complete various tasks for residential and commercial property owners. These tasks include mowing lawns, weeding yards, and pruning plants. Some landscapers may provide more specialized services, such as planning and installing garden beds. Some landscapers offer seasonally-appropriate services in the winter, like removing ice and snow.

Licensing requirements for landscaping jobs can vary, but there are many entry-level jobs in this industry. Your child may even be able to pursue a summer job as a landscaper. A short-term job could be a great opportunity to see if this is the right career path for them.

If your child does work as a landscaper, they’ll be free to work with their hands, enjoy the fresh air, and work in various environments and settings. Their work will likely go by quickly, and they won’t have many opportunities to get bored on the job! Children that are interested in outdoor jobs should look into landscaping careers.

Deciding on a job can feel overwhelming, but remember that this isn’t your child’s decision overnight. Your child can consider plenty of ideal careers before making their final choice. Start talking about jobs now so your child will have plenty of time to find a career path that’s right for them!

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