Is a Niche Retirement Community Right For You?

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“Retirement communities aren’t just geared toward golfers and pool loungers anymore,” The Chicago Tribune writes. “Stargazers, equestrians, and hippies find like-minded friends and age together.” Niche retirement homes are becoming increasingly popular — with at least 50 currently going strong. (That’s especially impressive, given that there zero 15 years ago, The Wall Street Journal adds). What are some of the most popular specialized retirement living options?

1. Retirement Communities For Artistic Types

What is one thing you are likely to find in a guide to retirement living? Experts agree that it is critical for seniors to stay passionate about their hobbies and continue pursuing their dreams. “Americans looking to paint well into their 60s and 70s or write their first novel can do it,” The Chicago Tribune reports. Communities include studios, performance theaters, writing workshops, art galleries, classrooms, libraries, and more. Writing and painting aren’t the only focus on hobby-based centers. One particular center, for example, invites its residents to stargaze — and “where nearly every home has a built-in telescope,” The Chicago Tribune continues.

2. Continuing Education Retirement Homes

People say that we are never done learning, and some aging Americans are taking that bit of advice very seriously. Some senior communities go as far as requiring a certain number of academic hours or classes. One particular establishment enables seniors to take classes with peers or college students, with courses “ranging from French cinema to social psychology to current events to fitness and volunteer work,” according to The Wall Street Journal.

3. Senior Health Buffs Ban Together

Some retirement communities focus on bringing aging Americans together to promote overall wellness. “Retirees take advantage of the gym, which is stocked with Keiser athletic machines designed for elite athletes but well-suited for seniors, a full-service spa, three health-conscious gourmet restaurants, organic herb garden, indoor golf range, putting green, outdoor walking trails, swimming pool with electronic lifts, and onsite physical therapy,” The Wall Street Journal says of one particular community. “If that’s not enough to burn off the calories, there are daily classes including water aerobics as well as an onsite personal trainer.”

Living in senior housing or a retirement community does not have to be mundane, and more retirement homes are setting out to prove that. When pursuing your guide to retirement living, consider the benefits of living in a specialized retirement community.

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