Niche Retirement Communities Taking US By Storm

Williamsburg retirement living

A new trend is sweeping the country. According to The Wall Street Journal, niche retirement communities are cropping up all over the U.S. What are niche — or specialized — retirement living options? From supporting any and all aspects of the arts to promoting ongoing learning or physical and emotional wellness, niche senior communities focus on a particular passion or area of interest to bring like-minded, aging Americans together.

“These communities, which attract aging intellectuals and self-improvers who want continuing education opportunities, have grown from almost none 15 years ago to around 50,” The Wall Street Journal reports. What are some of the most notable and popular niche communities?

Active Retirement Communities Promote Overall Wellness

Americans are, on a whole, becoming increasingly conscious of nutrition, fitness, and overall health. Seniors are no exception. In fact, retirement properties and programs specifically devoted to eating healthy and exercising regularly are quickly gaining popularity. The Chicago Tribune describes one such community: “Retirees take advantage of the gym, which is stocked with Keiser athletic machines designed for elite athletes but well-suited for seniors, a full-service spa, three health-conscious gourmet restaurants, organic herb garden, indoor golf range, putting green, outdoor walking trails, swimming pool with electronic lifts, and onsite physical therapy.”

Continuing Education For American Seniors

Other retirement neighborhoods not only encourage ongoing or continuing education — but also require it. Aging Americans are required to take a certain amount of classes. Classes span all subjects, from literature and psychology to practical classes like dance and fitness.

A Final Retreat For Former Postal Workers

Sometimes, it helps immensely to know that we are not alone. Retirement living options have solutions for that. Past postal workers, for example, can ban together during retirement, too. Some communities are devoted specifically to certain backgrounds or professions.

Thanks to new and exciting neighborhoods and communities, retiring does not have to be boring. Continue pursuing your passions as you age. Join an continuing education community, live the good life in a wellness community, or live nearby other aging Americans who know exactly what you are talking about (because they share your past profession). This is a great source for more:

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