Is Aluminum Roofing Right for You?

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Having a roof over your head is a pretty basic need. While people currently do rely on quite a few comforts that are deemed necessities or at least standard in the homes of today’s society, when we strip it back to the basic human needs, there is not much beyond food, water, and shelter. And the fact that humanity has now reached this age, where the standard of living in most first world homes is actually quite luxurious, is a testament to just how far we have come as a species. So, having come so far, does it not make sense that those truly basic necessities of life have developed to a high quality and long lifespan? Metal roof contractors could be the first to tell you just how advanced and reliable the roofs topping today’s homes really are.

Taking the time to make the best decision
There are several different types of roofing that you may come come across, whether in passing by several different homes, or if you are deliberately looking, on the hunt for a new roof yourself. And there are certainly benefits of each different type of roofing. Everyone has an opinion, but you should figure out what works best for your home and your family. If you are looking for the perfect hat for a brand new home that you have seen grow from its foundations, or if it is time to update your home and you have decided to give it a complete makeover by installing a totally new roof, you will first need to decide on the basic material.

Asphalt, tile, and metal are all popular choices. Take your time and talk to different professionals, and get advice from people you trust who have some experience or understanding of the decision process. Getting in touch with specific businesses, such as aluminum roofing companies, and asking specific questions that address your concerns or desires for your home, will alleviate some of what can often end up feeling like an overwhelming process.

Steel and aluminum roofing for longevity
If you decide to go with a metal roof, you will likely find that many aluminum roofing contractors will provide you with affirmation that you have made the right choice. Even after you have decided to have a metal roof installed, you still have room to make style choices. Many of todays metal roofing options come in an array of more than 100 colors, which could be categorized into standard, premium, and specially customized hues.

But a good roof, that provides years of protection and shelter for your home, is about more than just the perfect color and style to complement the rest of the exterior, the yard, and the neighborhood in general. There are types of steel roofing that are coated with a strong alloy of aluminum and zinc, which can end up giving the roof a lifespan of as much as 100 years before it needs to be replaced. In fact it has been estimated that most metal roofs can hold up better than most asphalt shingle roofs. In fact they often last around three to seven times as long. Steel or aluminum roofing is also a strong buffer between extreme elements and the rest of your home, often withstanding winds of 140 miles per hour.

Saving your home and the world

The style is great, the protection is great, but perhaps what is truly the best thing about the right metal roof is what is saves. Because of its material, your roof could end up saving you up to 25% on your energy bill each year. And what’s more, they are good for the environment, as brand new roofs could have anywhere from 30% to 60% content that is recycled material, and at the end of the lifespan of the roof, it is 100% completely recyclable.

In today’s day and age, with everything that we as a species have developed and built, it is more important than ever to start finding ways to build in harmony with the earth so that we will have a home to continue building on for years and years to come.

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