Keep Your Church Furniture Glowing With Refurbishment Services!

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It’s a shame to go into a beautiful church and see slightly dingy or worn out church furniture. Worn down churchpews with scarring or graffiti or shabby kneelers can make a last impression on visitors to the church. Sure, appearances aren’t everything, and most people are there to worship, not to judge, but keeping your church looking fresh and bright is often considered to be a mark of respect for the holy space you’re in. If you’re worried about the cost of replacing churchpews, kneelers, or other church furniture, there are companies that refurbish the furniture, making it appear as good as new, without having the expense of replacing them completely. You can also check for used church pews or second hand church pews online, where they may be discounted. You can keep your house of worship looking tidy and up to date without breaking the bank!
Where Did Church Pews Originate, Anyway?
Though it may seem strange to some, churchpews weren’t always around! A rudimentary form was begun in the 13th century, with stone benches that could be set out or pushed back against the walls of the church to create more space as needed. However, they weren’t always a staple for the first 1,000 years of the church — many churches didn’t have churchpews at all! The faithful could simply walk around and socialize with their neighbors and friends.
Pews weren’t actually expected in churches until the Protestant Reformation occurred. This makes sense though, considering that for the first three centuries or so of the Christian church’s formation, being a practicing Christian was illegal, and even building a space to worship in was highly dangerous. Pews would have made breaking it down or concealing it as something else much harder. Most early Christians practiced their faith at home in secret.
The role of church furniture changed in the mid 19th century, however, as enterprising church leaders saw it as a way to make money, especially in the Anglican community. Churches rented pews to families or individuals and you could often tell a person’s status or importance in the community based upon where his or her pew was. However, some churches disliked this practice and as a result, “Free Churches” arose, that banned pew rentals.
Today, you can find a pew in almost every church (except for some Orthodox groups). Today’s pews aren’t typically rigid or uncomfortable as in the old days; ours feature cushioned seating and kneelers.
Does Keeping Church Furniture Nice Really Matter That Much?
Although we go to church to worship God, we want the space in which we worship to reflect the beauty and glory of God. And faith is an important part of many people’s lives. According to Gallup, around 70% of Americans say that they still visit church occasionally and 40% of Americans say they’re “very religious”–meaning that they attend church weekly and keep religion as an important part of their life. An attractive worship space shows their respect and devotion to God’s house and reminds them that they’re in a special place, not just their everyday homes, schools, or workplaces.
What’s the Best Way to Keep Our Church Furniture Looking Great?
Pay attention to how the churchpews or other furniture looks, for one thing. If something needs to be replaced or repaired, taking up a collection for the beautification of the church shouldn’t be too difficult. There are some furniture manufacturers who have special skills to refurbish, restore, and repair existing furniture, and who can even create new furniture for the church.
These manufacturers or companies will take care of everything — from getting the furniture out of the church, taking care of any necessary repairs or refinishing, and putting the church furniture back in. And, as mentioned before, if cost is an issue, online retailers may have a great solution to your price bind, like antique church pews for sale!
Keep your place of worship looking as magnificent as it deserves, by giving your church furniture an update. You want your congregation to feel that they are in a special place and the atmosphere provided by the decoration and furniture is crucial to that.

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