New Options for Programmable Remote Controls

Magnavox tv remote

Since the widespread introduction of the remote control to the general public in the 1960s, Americans can leisurely enjoy television, radio, and all manner of electronic devices in comfort. Today there is an estimated 335 million TV remotes in the United States keeping America clicking. New innovations in remote control technology can make your live even easier by reducing clutter and further refining the way you watch television.

Technology Clutter
There seems to be a remote control for just about everything: TV sets, DVD players, Blu-ray players, cable service, not to mention relics like VHS players. Almost half of American families have at least four devices that require remote controls–and that’s just in the living rooms! Thanks to smarter designs in remote controls however, programming a remote control for compatibility with multiple devices is a possibility.

Replacement Remotes
We have all misplaced the remote control at one point or another; some people are just worse than others though. While nearly half of those looking for a remote will find it in the couch cushions, 4% reportedly found the remote in a refrigerator or freezer while 2% found the remote in question outside of all places! Nearly 20% of Americans today own a device that is rarely, if ever, used simply because of a missing remote control. Replacement remotes for TV and other devices are available, so there’s no reason to let those devices fade out into obscurity.

New Programmable Remote Controls
Innovations like 3D television, gaming, and more have changed the way that we can interact with our entertainment. New programmable remote controls not only sync up with most of your family’s remote-using devices, but many come with smart phone applications to allow viewing and channel surfing from your mobile device. Nearly half of consumers agree that a touch-screen remote would enhance their entertainment experiences by offering intuitive display options that adapt depending on the device used. With more options for programmable remote controls coming every year, there ought to be a model for you that can remove all remotes from your life.

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