Oh How Far Television Remote Controls Have Come

Insignia remote control

The clicker. The flipper. The changer. The wand. The ‘mote, or simply “the controller”. It goes without saying that TV remote controls have a lot of nicknames, with some making more sense than others. Whether it’s a Sharp remote control replacement for remote control that has seen better days and better clicks, or it’s a Panasonic remote control, a Magnavox TV remote, a Sharp remote control, or a Sony remote control, you can bet your bottom dollar that these remotes have a nickname or pet name all their own.

The public’s love affair and fascination with television remote controls began nearly 65 years ago, when Zenith Radio Corporation debuted a remote — aptly named “Lazy Bones” — that was connected to a television set via a wire. Five years later, the world’s first wireless remote control — “The Flashmatic” — was developed by Eugene Polley. At the time, the “Flashmatic” was considered borderline alien technology by the public, who were fascinated that a device could remotely control their television sets. What will they think of next? Yes, it was that serious.

Well, they thought of more remote controls.

Fast forward to today, and remote controls have become so commonplace that they are considered quite primitive in comparison to supposed alien technology. However, as advanced and “newfangled” as today’s remote controls are, they still require a bit of troubleshooting and may break down or stop working from time to time. This is where remote control replacement, such as Sharp remote control replacement, comes into play.

Not all television remote controls are created equal. Though some remote control replacements are manufacturer specific, there are some universal remote codes that allow the use of generic or non-manufacturer specific remote controls. These codes allow you to use any remote with your TV set and a convenient way to get back to clicking in no time.

If you’re unsure of what the best remote control replacement is for your television set, it’s best to refer to the manufacturer’s instruction manual or guide. Or simply run an internet search for “Sharp remote control replacement” for example and you’re likely to find a variety of FAQ’s, forums, and perhaps even the manufacturer’s original recommendations for remote control replacement.

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