Over 4 Billion Pounds of Textiles Saved Last Year Thanks to Charitable Donations

Donations for veterans

Americans donate over 4.5 billion pounds of clothing to charities every year, helping fund programs all over the country. Not only does charitable giving in America total over $350 billion every year, but the practice of donating clothing to charities for donation or resale purposes can give charitable Americans some benefits when they file their taxes.

Non-profit organizations that are classified as 501(c)(3) companies allow donors to write off donations on their taxes. Men’s suits are worth about $50 or higher as a tax write off, and a home appliance like a coffee maker can be written off for about $10 or slightly more. As long as items are in good working condition, items can be written off without a professional appraisal for their value.

For any charitable donation above $250
, donors will need a receipt from the charitable organization itself in order to write off the donation on their taxes. Donations to Purple Heart and other charitable organizations may be facilitated if the charity is able to pick up donations at the donors’ homes or places of business.

Finally, when donating a single item for which the donor plans to deduct more than $500 on their taxes, a qualified, professional appraisal needs to be submitted along with the tax return. For cars and larger appliances such as newer televisions and some entertainment systems, donors are advised to obtain an appraisal before it is time to donate the items — well in advance of tax preparation season.

Charity clothing pick up locations are often listed on the organizations’ websites; donations to Purple Heart and other non-profit organizations are used clothing donations that will help people in need at every time of year. The value of charitable donations cannot be underestimated: people who have access to clothing that is affordable and appropriate for the weather can confidently focus on other areas of change in their lives.

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