Planning the Perfect Wedding Cause You Deserve it!

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It’s that time of the year again – A time for beautiful weather and true love and everything that comes with it. And what better supplement to true love and warm summer breezes is there than weddings! Yup, it is prime wedding season right now, and all the love in the air is complemented by a plethora of wedding planning stresses.

With a hefty sum of brides taking almost a year to plan their weddings, there is a lot of time pre-wedding to come up with ideas to make your wedding the best you could have hoped for. Whether or not you’re tying the knot soon, you may want to hear about some tips for planning the best wedding you could imagine!

1. Plan a Theme!
About a quarter of couples plan their weddings around a theme. This is a cute and actually pretty effective way to make your wedding visually flow together. Also, it is a great excuse to go all-in on your favorite movie/flower/color (hint: purple is in!). Many wedding planner packages will also provide all the materials necessary for any theme you want!

2. Be Daring With Locations!
Whether it’s where you say “I Do” or where you party after, it’s fun to get creative with your venues. There are many nice wedding places that are either made for weddings or are totally willing to create a wedding atmosphere, so the sky is often the limit when it comes to where to have the ceremony. In addition, the world is your love-oyster when it comes to post-wedding party venues. You can easily find a restaurant or banquet hall that will have special rooms for wedding receptions. But why stop looking there? You can probably find you and your hubby’s favorite spot and turn it into either a big or small party to celebrate with all of your family and friends. Look around and see what you can find! There are unique wedding places and party venues just waiting to be found everywhere.

3. Get Some Help!
Wedding planning is SO stressful, and it’s really hard to tackle alone. Wedding plans are so much easier when help is hired, and wedding planners are trained to keep you constantly happy with what is happening with your wedding. They can do everything from buying your flowers to helping you sift though all of the party venues around you.

4. Remember Who Matters Most: YOU
You and your spouse are really the two that matter the most when it comes to the wedding. So remember to please yourselves in this planning process. Pick the catering that you like best, or even make it a potluck if you want! But the most important thing: Make it all yours. Good references here.

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