Some of the Best Jobs With No College to Consider After High School

Graduating high school is a milestone for many individuals in their lives, as it is the time to begin adulthood and build one’s own career. If you are not interested in enrolling in university but you do want to learn more about the best jobs with no college degree required, you can do so by diving into various industries that are appealing to you and relevant to your own skills and abilities. The more familiar you become with the best jobs with no college degree required, the easier it will be for you to set and accomplish any career-oriented goals you have in mind for yourself and the future you envision.


One of the most well-known and best jobs with no college degree required is working as a welder. Working in welding is a way for you to do so if you have a knack for working with mechanical objects and engineering tools and equipment. If you are thinking of becoming a welder, you can do so by seeking welding schools and training programs that are available both locally and online.

Benefits of Working As a Welder

If you choose to learn a trade, such as welding, you can typically do so on your own even if you have little to no knowledge of welding when you begin. Additionally, welding jobs are typically high-paying and do not require any extensive college degrees to obtain a position, so long as you are qualified enough to fill the role. When you are working as a welder for a larger corporation or a company that supports its workers, you may also have the opportunity to work your way up to even better roles and positions by completing training courses and programs as they become available to you.

Manufacturing Factory Worker

Working in manufacturing is another one of the best jobs with no college degree required to consider and keep in mind after you have just recently graduated. Working in manufacturing can allow you to do so with a full-time position even if you do not have any prior working experience in any industry, making a factory job ideal for those who are seeking entry-level positions at any point and time in life. Working in a manufacturing job will also allow you to spend a bit of time focusing on honing skills in certain areas, depending on the type of job you are required to do for work each day.

Tips on Finding a Manufacturing Job

When you’ve decided to work in a factory with a manufacturing job, asking friends and colleagues you may already know who has a job in the industry can go a long way in finding a role that is just right for you and your needs at the time. You can also spend a bit of time researching manufacturing jobs from home, online, where you can compare roles, salaries, and companies ahead of time. Searching online for manufacturing jobs is also a way to submit applications and resumes in bulk, allowing you the ability to apply for more than one manufacturing job in less time than if you were to do so while visiting the manufacturing factories and plants in person to inquire about current openings.

Real Estate Agent

If you’re looking for some of the best jobs with no college and you believe you have real estate potential, working as a residential or local commercial real estate agent may be the perfect path for you. Working to become a real estate agent is possible by completing real estate courses and obtaining your real estate license, which can both be done without enrolling in higher education of any kind. If you want to become a real estate agent, you can do so by researching the requirements in your current city and state, depending on whether you prefer to represent residential homeowners or if you want to promote and represent commercial properties near you.

Benefits of Working As a Real Estate Agent

Working as a real estate agent is a way for you to maintain a sense of independence, especially if you choose to work on your own as a freelancer or as an independent agent of your own agency or firm. Working as a real estate agent will provide the opportunity to dabble in both residential and commercial properties so you can become familiar with both before choosing which area you want to focus on most throughout your career. When you choose to work in real estate, you can often do so by setting your own schedule, as working as a realtor will allow you the ability to work from anywhere so long as you have clients available.

Tips on Becoming a Real Estate Agent

Once you’ve settled on the decision to work toward becoming a real estate agent, you will want to take a bit of time to research the requirements and qualifications to do so in your current state or region. These requirements will vary based on your location, which is why it is imperative to conduct research ahead of time. Enrolling in and completing a real estate course will also be required in order for you to receive your real estate license to begin representing and selling homes or commercial lots and buildings in your community.

Dental Hygienist

If you’ve always had an interest in working in a medical environment, you may want to consider working in a dental clinic or local dental labs near you as a certified and trained dental hygienist. Becoming a dental hygienist, contrary to popular belief, does not require you to enroll in a local university. Completing various certification programs and courses will allow you to begin working in a dental office even if you have never stepped foot on a college or university campus.

Benefits of Working As a Dental Hygienist

Becoming a dental hygienist will provide you with valuable insight into the inner workings of the medical industry. This can be extremely beneficial for those who are considering a long-term career in the industry or for those who may be thinking of going back to school to work in dentistry themselves. When you work as a dental hygienist, you can also count on the work stability you will have, providing you with peace of mind knowing that you will have work likely for decades to come.

Psych Assistant

Along the same lines as working as a dentist hygienist, you may also want to work with those who are in a sober living center at the time if you simply enjoy helping others. If you are thinking of working in a sober living home, you can do so as a psych assistant even if you do not have any formal degree to your name. Training to become a psych assistant can be done with various programs and certifications that are relevant to the type of work you’re interested in and where you intend to go in your career.

Advantages of Working in a Sober Living Home

Choosing to work in a sober living home is a great way to give back to members of your local community who have found themselves in need of assistance to get their own lives back on track. Whether you have personal experience with addiction in any capacity or if you know loved ones who struggle on a daily basis, working in a sober living facility or home is a way for you to gain valuable insights into the lifestyle while learning how to give back and maintain sobriety yourself. When you choose to work in a sober living home, you will also gain experience that may lead to even more intense positions and roles in the future when it comes to handling those who are struggling with an addiction at some point in their lives.

Dog Daycare Owner

If you’ve always been a dog lover, and you want a way to work with animals in your everyday life, one of the best jobs with no college degree that you may want to consider and keep in mind is opening your very own dog daycare. Opening a doggy daycare center is a way for you to spend time with a wide range of dogs that are part of your local community. Owning and running your own doggy daycare is also a way for you to give back to those who may need assistance when heading to work going out of town for an emergency or even an extended vacation.

Tips on Starting a Doggy Daycare

When you want to start a daycare for dogs or any other type of domesticated animal, you will need to first determine what licenses and certifications you will need to obtain in order to do so legally. You will also need to determine how you will find the funding necessary to invest in a property for a daycare location or the equipment, tools, and supplies you will need to operate a daycare out of your own home. Launching your own website and building a brand for your daycare can go a long way when it comes time to attract new clientele near you.


If you’re someone who is interested in the best jobs with no college degree and you enjoy getting a bit creative in the kitchen, you may want to think of pursuing a career as a full or part-time caterer. From offering BBQ food services to custom recipes, there are many different cuisines and methods to consider when you are working as a caterer, especially if you choose to do so on your own independently. If you want to become a caterer after graduating from school, you will need to spend a bit of time honing your craft and becoming well-versed in how the catering industry operates, whether you intend to serve small residential clients or large corporate clients.

Tips on Getting Started as a Caterer

When you want to work as a caterer, you can do so by improving your cooking and catering skills over the years. Becoming familiar with the science of cooking and traditional cooking methods while also knowing how to prepare all basic meats and vegetables can go a long way once you begin to establish your career as a caterer professionally. Taking your time to immerse yourself in the culture of catering while simultaneously investing in the necessary catering equipment and tools you will need to get the job done is essential when you want to work on your own as a caterer or if you are thinking of starting your very own catering business.

Designer, Video Editor, or Writer

If you’re interested in a creative pursuit but you’re in the process of researching and comparing the best jobs with no college degree, you may want to consider the route of working as a graphic designer, video editor, or even a writer, depending on your skills and the vision you have for yourself. Working as a graphic designer, editor, or even as a writer is now easier than ever remotely with the right skills and resources available to you. If you are thinking of working in a creative career, consider the current skills and innate talents you have to help find the right path and direction for you.

Benefits of Working as a Designer, Editor, or Writer

Opting to work from home as a designer, editor, or writer is a way for you to do so independently, This will allow you the opportunity to set your schedule and choose the type of work or projects you accept and take on. Working as a writer, editor, or designer provides the opportunity to indulge in creative projects daily.

Learning about the best jobs with no college is highly recommended if you’re currently a student in school or if you’re simply searching for a new path in life that is just right for you. When it comes to planning for your future, becoming familiar with different job paths and options can help significantly in setting you off in the right direction. The more time you spend familiarizing yourself with some of the best jobs with no college degree, the easier it will be for you to find a path that brings you the happiness and success you want to work for and deserve.

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