Taking Care of Your Anxious Child

It can be difficult to know what to do when your child is experiencing anxiety. Diagnosed anxiety disorders are quite common in this day in age, but the symptoms can be hard to see when a child is very young. Whether they are scared of the dental office, cry before going to the doctor, or even just get anxious ticks when going to school, it is important to not ignore these behaviors. While childhood anxiety isn’t the same as adult anxiety, it is still something that should be medically addressed.

Video Source

In this video, we will look at several ways to calm down and help your child when they are experiencing feelings of anxiousness.

First of all, it is crucial to talk to your kids about what anxiety is. Explain to them that it is normal, but need to be under control and helped. Leaving a child to figure out anxiety on their own or ignoring the issue altogether will only lead to more problems as they grow up. As a parent, you need to model healthy coping mechanisms for anxiety, while having good conversations with your children regarding their fears.


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