The Need to Know Items On a Home Security List

Emergency lock and safe

Whether or not you live in a small town, a big city, or anywhere in between, your safety is important. Having good locking systems can do more than just protect you, your family, and your belongings, it can also give you peace of mind, knowing that everything is secure. It doesn’t matter if your locking systems are also connected to security alarms and cameras outside your house or if it’s a simpler system — you want to know that things are protected once you leave the house or come home at night. And you also want to be secure in the knowledge that your family knows how to properly use it and what to do should there be an emergency. It’s always good to have a plan of action and numbers to call, just in case. Your locking system doesn’t have cost an exorbitant amount of money to be high quality, but you don’t want to settle for a cheaply made system that could be easily be breached either.
What Should I Know About Home Security?
There are of course some basic security tenets: make sure your door is locked behind you when you leave or exit your home. You should always check to make sure that other entrances to your home — think the garage, basement, or windows that are easily accessible from the ground — are also locked and secure against entry. The perpetrators in almost 60% of burglaries that were conducted in 2013 got into the house through forced entry. The FBI reported that same year that almost 2 million burglaries happened nationwide — another good reason to make sure your home is as safe as possible.
If you have a spare set of keys, you shouldn’t leave them in obvious places (under the doormat, in a potted plant near the door, etc.). Most people are going to know where to look for them and then can easily let themselves into your house and avail themselves of your valuables. Give a spare to a trusted friend or neighbor who lives nearby or keep one in a place that you would only know about. If for some reason your home should be breached, you should immediately start the process of changing your locks — ask a local locksmith to help. You also shouldn’t necessarily be so afraid of your house being burgled at night, even though that seems like the most vulnerable time and is what is so often depicted in movies or TV shows. Actually, almost 65% of burglaries happened during the daytime, while the homeowner was out of the house. The burglar doesn’t want to get caught, after all! He or she just wants to take the goods and leave quietly and during the day when people are at work or school is the best time to do so.
If you’re planning on going on vacation, have a neighbor check mail and water plants so the house doesn’t look empty or run down. Leave a couple lights on in the front of the house and if you have more than one car, it’s not a bad idea to leave one car in the driveway, for appearance’s sake.
What Should I Know About My Locking Systems?
There are many different types of locking systems that are on the market. Perhaps the most simple of these is a deadbolt, which can be inexpensive but very effective. The cost of course depends on the type and class of the deadbolt in question, but for a locksmith to sell and install you the hardware, the total cost might be around $200 or even less, in some cases. There are locking systems that can be controlled electrically or by hand and can be custom made to fit your house. Consulting with your local locksmith service might be a good idea to find the perfect fit for you.
Don’t rely on just a simple lock and key solution. It’s always a good idea to have more than one security measure in place — a lock and key and deadbolt combination might be effective. A home security system is also a great option!

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