Three Ways to Use Ranch Property

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The time of the Wild West holds immense allure to modern America, and the historic individuals from that time have gained mythic stature in modern consciousness. Few images are more symbolic of that era than the cowboy on his horse, or sitting by a fire at night. The modern reality of the cowboy is more work than leisurely rides, and these days that horse might be an ATV. What Americans think of as cowboys are ranch hands, or even ranch owners, and if you are considering buying a ranch, you hopefully already realize how much work is involved in operating one. There are multiple ways to use ranch property, however, and not all of them include cowboys. Below are three of those options to consider.

  1. The Functioning Ranch: This option is the traditional, working cattle ranch mentioned above. The purpose of a ranch is raising livestock, the most common being, of course, cattle and sheep, but there are also ranches currently raising American Bison and Ostrich, among other animals. Running a ranch is not the glamorous occupation of the movies, it is hard work, but it is also rewarding.
  2. Guest Ranches: Known more commonly as Dude Ranches, these are more themed hotel than operational ranch. The purpose of these establishments is catering to guests seeking out a rustic ranch experience. They generally offer horseback riding and lessons and guided hunting. Guests are not usually after an actual, authentic ranch experience. Some working ranches also offer horse riding trails and other features of the guest ranch, even if they do not actually have over night guests, as a way to bring in some extra income.
  3. Preserve: Ranch property can also be turned into a nature or wildlife preserve, for those minded to do so. Similarly, animal rescues have been known to operate on what was a ranch property. For example, rescues that focus on rehabilitating aggressive dogs need a lot of space both for kennels and animal exercise and training. Even if a person does not want to have an actual nature preserve, a ranch owner can turn their property into conservation easements. This severely limits any developments on the land, which hurts the property resale value, but can lower property taxes.

Whatever reason you have in mind while considering the purpose of ranch property, all have the benefit of being around nature and away from the traffic and hectic pace of urban life. No matter what state a ranch is located, any owner can count themselves blessed.

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