These Services Exist To Help Veterans And Their Families

Military order of the purple heart

Times are tough for veterans and their families. Though they’re not getting pelted with eggs like after Vietnam, they aren’t getting the hero’s welcome back in the USA that the veterans of WWII enjoyed. In 2012, the unemployment rate for veterans was almost 10%, and stood at a whopping 20.4% for veterans under age 24. The manufacturing and labor jobs to which veterans could apply their military experience have mostly gone overseas or to people working under the table. Meanwhile, many military families end up going into debt, with 27% of them owing up to $10,000 on their credit cards.

In light of these disturbing facts, we must ask ourselves: What can ordinary Americans do to provide support for military families?

One of the simplest and easiest ways to provide support for military families is to make charitable clothing donations to military charities. To give some perspective, Americans throw out an estimated 12 million tons of clothing and textile waste every year, and of that, it is estimated that 90% could be re-used or recycled. There are many veterans charities that will be happy to accept clothes donations on behalf of the families they serve.

Another way of providing support for military families is to make donations for nonprofit organizations that help military families in other ways. These organizations are equipped to help military families, not only financially, but with the other issues that come from readjustment to civilian life, as well as medical or psychological issues. Donating to one of these organizations will help your gift find the most needed recipient.

Charities for military families will be very appreciative of whatever support you have to offer. By donating clothing or other gifts, you improve the livelihoods of our country’s defensemen and their families, and contribute to a better world.

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