3 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Wedding Ceremony Place

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When planning a wedding ceremony it is important to remember that getting organized will be the most successful option for a successful event. Deciding what to do, who to invite and wedding ceremony places are all things that you should plan well in advance. Most brides, typically 90%, plan their weddings 7 to 12 months in advance. Typically, once you are engaged, approximately nine months before your wedding is the ideal time to book the place for your wedding reception.

Guest List
Decide on the approximate number of guests that you and your significant other wish to invite. This will help you decide on wedding ceremony places, which will comfortably accommodate all of your guests. According to a study conducted in April of 2014, the average couple invites approximately 136 guests to their wedding reception. When deciding on best wedding places remember to take note of blackout dates. Different days, holidays and events can affect blackout dates, which is why planning early is vital.

Consider Timing
Take the timeframe of your wedding ceremony into consideration when choosing the best venue. If you plan your wedding ceremony too early then guests will not have adequate time to eat beforehand. This could lead your guests to being hungry before mealtime and cause you to have to feed them twice. Also consider an open bar if you plan to have one. The earlier you start means your guests will be drinking alcohol much longer which could potentially lead to problems.

Carefully Plan Your Budget
Before any preparations start make sure you know your exact budget beforehand. This reduces the chances of making plans just to cancel them because they are not affordable. Consider the day you choose for your wedding ceremony. Majority of places charge more for weekend events and discount weekday events. Consider days carefully before planning your ceremony.

Roughly 48% of couples research wedding venues online rather than in person. This along with the other tips, mentioned here, will help your wedding ceremony go as smoothly as possible. By incorporate these tips and ideas into your wedding ceremony you can ensure that it goes as smoothly as possible and is a memorably and special day.

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